Your Facebook Desktop Interface is About to Change

This past May, Facebook announced the biggest change to their desktop interface in years, and now – its starting to roll out today. Users impacted will get an announcement welcoming them to the change probably to help cushion the shock of seeing a whole new interface when they login on a desktop!

The new layout is designed to improve your experience by adding a vertical navigation pane to the interface. Now, your favourite elements will be along the top, like in mobile, while some of the lesser used features stay on the right hand side of the homepage.

As you select a tab, it will let you navigate through each section, mimicking the mobile experience but adding more depth to it based on the additional real estate. This is what the new groups page looks like:

According to Facebook, they’re trying to streamline the app so that switching between different devices and internal navigation are more intuitive. Its telling that the Stories section is still prominently displayed at the top of the home screen, reinforcing their commitment to this feature. They are still rolling this out, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon.

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