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Now that you’ve registered, you’re going to start getting some emails from me. Here’s what you can expect! You’re going to get 3 lifehacks to change the way you approach your business and the results you get out of it. You’ll need to do all 3 for this to work effectively, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take a lot of time. What you’re essentially doing with this information is modifying the way you already do things just a bit to influence the outcome (get more sales!).

Hack #1: Declutter

The first step to hacking the algorithm is decluttering. I’ve been programming since I was 18, and though it’s not my favourite thing in the world to do, that skill was critical in streamlining my business and making a steady (passive) income. Your code has to be clean. And for you, that means your social media needs to be uncluttered to give you a clean slate. You’re going to get a few emails from me over the next week that will give you hack you can use right away to reframe your business priorities.

Hack #2: Tap into the Algorithm

The next step is the masterclass. Don’t worry if you didn’t get all my emails before the training, you don’t need to do them in order. They can happen together. This 90 minute training will show you the mistakes you’re making right now that are essentially telling Facebook not to show your content to anyone, and preventing people from engaging. Once you have this information, you’ll never look at social media the same again.

Hack #3: Alchemy – Turning in Engagement into Sales

The last step is a FREE bonus that you’ll get for sticking around through the entire class! Once the class is over, you’ll have access to a special FREE worksheet that you can only access after the training. You need the training to make it work, which is why I don’t sell it on it’s own. The secret to turning engagement into sales that most business owners don’t even know about. Get ready for some light bulb moments, they’re coming!


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