Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work

You’ve been here before.
No one sees your posts.
Facebook notifications are shit.

You haven’t had a new customer in a while, and the older customers seem to be tapping out, loyal though they are.

You need more eyeballs on your content, so you reluctantly fork over some cash to Facebook with just a few extra dollars you can get so much more reach!

That money means something to you. You had plans for it, but absent any other information for how to get new customers, you don’t feel like you have much choice but to press the button.

And nothing.

  • 👍 Maybe you get a lot more likes, maybe you don’t.
  • ✍️ Perhaps people engage more with your content, maybe they don’t.
  • 💸 But the sales? They’re nowhere to be found.

Whether you’re just starting out in Facebook ads, or you’ve thrown an entire wallet full of money at the platform for paid boost – you know the feeling of disappointment when an ad ends without new sales. 

You paid for ads, and you want results. Here’s why you aren’t seeing them and what you can do to fix it.

Overemphasizing “Like” Ad Campaigns

Likes are one of the most misunderstood tools on Facebook.

Though they’re a great way to grow your reach and influence, likes have limited impact on sales. Many business owners hit 6 figures before they even break a thousand likes. Though it’s important that people to like you, you can’t sell without the like part, but “likes” aren’t where the money is. The kind of content that gets likes will get you those – and very little else.

How Facebook Ads Without Tears will Help: On Day 1 you’ll achieve complete clarity around who your target market is and create compelling content that ignites your viewers to engage. Use those posts as seed content for reach campaigns to build awareness. 

There is no “Right” in Ads, There is only Experimentation

“I’ll publish when I get it right,” – Every Business Owner Ever


There is no such thing as “right” in marketing. There is only testing.  Facebook ads – marketing in general is the process of coming up with an idea you think will work, testing it, learning, and then running through it again, and again, and again until you get the results you’re aiming for. Every ad, video, post, or strategy is an experiment. You learn from it, make modifications, adapt and pivot, and try again. With each new version the results improve.

How Facebook Ads Without Tears will Help: You’ll learn how to create a single ad and test it against 5-10 different audiences in the ad manager for 24-48 hours, using a small budget. You can do this on your own as well. If you do, carefully note your results. Use the successful audiences and test other content against the others. It does require discipline and a commitment to a strategy, and the more you test, the better results you’ll get.

Your Ads are Unappealing

It sucks to hear, but it’s true. Sometimes your ads simply aren’t appealing. Too much text, muddy or blurry graphics, dark images, or declarations that sound too good to be true are all reasons ads get overlooked, but there are many more. If you want people looking at your ads, they need to be clear, crisp, focused, and uncluttered. Each aspect of the image and post from graphics, pictures, lighting, staging, and models to the copy and emojis must be carefully chosen to fulfill a specific purpose.

How Facebook Ads Without Tears will Help:  On Day 3, you’ll use templates and guides to build a plug and play marketing solution. To do it on your own, start by determining your goal for your ad and include 3-5 words of copy. Use clean, bright photographs that telegraph how you want your audience to feel after your product or how your audience feels right now.

People don’t Buy From Strangers

The first time someone sees your ad, you’re an unknown quantity – someone who could let them down, just trying to get their money, or are the same as all the rest of the people selling the same product. The second time – you’re a known quantity, and every time after that, you’re familiar, which increases conversion rates.

What to do instead: Once you’ve found the ads that work from the testing phase, show those same audiences a different ad, bringing them a bit deeper into the funnel.

Next Steps

Facebook Ads don’t have to be a scary place. But they can be crippling if you’re holding on to ideas about business that hold you back – perfection, getting it right, being wrong. Many businesses fail within the first 3 years because when you’re first starting out

Looking for more concrete information? You can start today with your audience. Without the right audience, Facebook can’t do anything with the money you give it. Amplify your conversion rate by making the right offer to the right person, starting with this video

Facebook Ads Without Tears

Creating ads can be an emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing process. When I first started in ads, every single one felt like a step into the terrifying unknown. All I wanted was for someone to help me through the process once, then I’d be fine. You could do it on your own, but that takes 10x as long with 100x the anxiety. Or, you and I can do it together.

No muss.
No fuss.
Zero tears.

Just you, your business, and a bad-ass Facebook ad in 5 days.

Let me know what you think!

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