Updating your Profile with your Workplace!

When going through the list of retailers asking to join one of our business groups I noticed a LARGE number of retailers whose personal profiles say that you are a “Fashion Consultant at LuLaRoe,” or that you work at “LuLaRoe,” so that when people click on the link for LuLaRoe, it takes them to the main LuLaRoe Facebook page.

I want to encourage those of you who are retailers to take a moment to change those settings from working at LuLaRoe, to working at “LuLaRoe YOUR NAME,” and connecting your personal profile to your ACTUAL place of work which is your boutique not HO.

The reason this is so important is because if your friends and family know you are working at LuLaRoe, or maybe someone you just met sees that you sell LuLaRoe in your profile, they are going to click that link on the left – which will take them to the HO Facebook page – and people who are unfamiliar with the company or how shopping works may not realise they aren’t supporting you, or they may get lost and not understand how to shop YOUR inventory.

Make your friends and colleagues lives easier by linking your personal profile to your business page by editing your workplaces in your personal profile, using the screenshots below as a guide. Remember that your company name will NOT show up on the list unless you have a business page!

If you would like to see how it looks when you do that you can check out my profile!

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