17 AMAZING Things I did for my Business (+2 head desks)

Running a business is full of starts and stops, and it’s hard to know which things work, and which ones don’t. You don’t have to recreate the wheel – learn from my mistakes (and wins) and make your life easier!

Ergonomics (Managing chronic pain)

Meditate: I start each day by . My optimism, income, and overall quality of life have skyrocketed since I started. You can check out the highlights on my Instagram (@minessa.konecky) if you want to see my super easy routine.

Got an ergonomic chair: I spend most of my days in my office chair, and my body was in agony most of the time. I needed something designed for long term use that wouldn’t break my back. Broken back is no Bueno. The Secret Lab Omega was expensive, but has made me 10x more productive.

Secret Lab
This chair is amazing! Like being on a cloud


Got a new mattress: Again, back problems aren’t fun and having a poor night’s sleep significantly impacts your productivity. You may think you’re doing yourself a favour by putting off sleep to work – you believe you’ll get so much more done. Unfortunately, not only is that a lie, it is actually the complete opposite. My sleep is so much better now, I work way more productively each day.


Live by my planner: Me-time has become non-negotiable. I start my routine work at 9, I stop at 5, and then the rest of the evening I spend on exercising my creativity and dreaming up more fun things to do in my biz. I created an entire system of time management different from anything you’ve used before, 100% flexible and customizable, which is perfect for someone like me who hates planners.

Started keeping Fridays free: because I need a full day to run a household, and I wont do any good to anyone if I’m burnt out and hospitalized.

Morning routine: Human beings waste a lot of productivity power on deciding what to do in the morning, from what to wear, what to eat, where to go, what to do. My mornings are 100% routine so I don’t think about it or waste my brain power, I save my brain cells for the stuff that matters.

Hired a VA: I don’t need to do everything, and there are a lot of administrative tasks that take up way too much time, for ZERO financial return. Katie Guenther is an incredible VA who can help you with your email and marketing activities.


Installed LastPass: A password manager will change your life in every way. Seriously, get one. Stop wasting your time and energy with a million passwords. Not to mention it’s secure AF. You won’t have to worry about ID theft or hacking or any of that shit when you have a manager.

Install 2fa anywhere you can: Starting with Facebook. Two factor authentication is the most secure your Facebook account can be. If you want protection from jail and all the other spoofing and phishing problems, set it up.

Paid a lawyer to get all my legal documents in a row: Now I have a disclaimer, contract, privacy policy, return policy, and pretty much any legal document I need. I feel secure and protected.

Get business insurance: You don’t really notice insurance until you need it. Pay for it and give yourself the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

General Tips

Stopped randomly snacking: Food as fuel during the day is a game changer for me. I eat breakfast every day, have a measured yogurt in the afternoon, and proper lunch, nuts for snack, no more chips, guac, rando cheese strips in the middle of the day.

Narrowed in on my target audience: The more details you have on your ideal client, the better you can serve them. Niche down, don’t broaden.

Switched to joint banking: this was tough, I’ve never shared a bank account with anyone. But it was time. I needed to relinquish control of the finances in our home. I can’t manage everything. Business owner and manager of the home was already too many hats. If you wear a mom hat as well, then offload the finances if you can.

Implement one thing at a time: No more 30 irons in the fire. Your mind works better when it’s focused on one thing, so I’m not going to run 3 projects at once. One thing at a time.

Find Your People

Found a crew: Don’t try to do this on your own. I have a mastermind of women who are my rock for everything, as I am to them. We brainstorm, run ideas off each other, collaborate, and give each other shit. We challenge ideas that sound amazing, and help flush out ideas that are game changers. Having a group of business women you can reach out to for support is critical and makes the difference between success and not success.

Started networking: I’m terrified of people, networking was my nightmare. I started leaving the house and going to meetings and getting to know people, and all I can say is that if you aren’t doing it, you’re missing out. I don’t think I fully appreciated the power of having a network until now. Even if you don’t at this time, start doing it anyway, you’ll thank me in a few months. We have an entire training on how to network in the Social Strategy Squad including how to find networking events, what to say, what to wear, and how to manage anxiety when you’re in a room full of strangers. (My tip is a game changer!)

Oops! The business version of stepping in dog poop

Sometimes you leave the house and you feel like a million bucks. Then, 3 feet out the door, you step in dog poop, and what started out as an awesome sashay out of your house now seems like a bad idea. In business, you’re going to have a bunch of those. Here were some of my evolutionary dead ends:

Over-complicating my Live: My Wednesday lives are meant to train and guide, and though I prefer to have conversations than be a TV show, I got it into my head that I should have segments and breakouts and “all of the things”. I didn’t enjoy it, it seemed clunky, and it interfered with my flow of thought and my training. So I still give multiple pieces of information and have segments, but I don’t have all the high tech intro and outro screens. I’m a one woman show and I have to work with my strengths. Even if this HAD brought me 100s of new viewers, it didn’t work for me, so I dropped it. Now I use BeLive to streamline my lives and it makes my life way easier.

Playing Ostrich: I used to avoid doing things I didn’t like or dealing with bad news because I simply didn’t want to deal with the anxiety. My method of managing conflict was to avoid it which only made it worse. Bad news doesn’t get better with age. It’s not a wine, it’s dirty dishwater. It gets grimy and disgusting and weird unidentifiable creatures start to grow in it. It gets cold and you have to dig through all the chunky food in there to find the dishes. Sound horrible? It is. I stopped putting bad news off and dealt with issues as they came up. It saves time, energy, anxiety, and gets you on to more productive activities sooner.

My Amazing Partner

I am really lucky to have an amazing partner by my side to support me as I grow my business. Running a business isn’t a solo job, and you need buy-in from the people around you. I needed to learn how to communicate with him as a business owner and not take any questions, comments, or suggestions he had personally. If I wanted to be a business owner then one of the most important skills I needed was to be able to divorce my emotions from our business conversations. Though I’m still wicked sensitive, I use my tools now. Our marriage my business, and once again, overall life satisfaction has improved significantly.

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