Ever wish you could make videos that look like you have a whole production studio behind you?

I’m not talking major life story videos or huge parody productions either – I mean the kind that highlight a product feature, or tell you something cool about the owner, highlight a quote, or maybe share a top 5 or a top 10 reasons why or ways to.

Whenever I used to see video used on social media I would stare longingly and wish that I had the creativity, time, and/or money to make content like that. I knew it would make a huge difference.

Video is the Wave of the Future

If you’re wondering why you need to use video, check out some of these stats:

No matter which way you slice it, video is a business maker. But lets be real here – even knowing that, I still wouldn’t go near it.

Video is Scary

Initially, you may be excited about creating content – but after thinking about it for a few minutes that excitement turns to anxiety and you may give up on the idea altogether – just like I did for years. According to the pros at Wave.video, most business owners avoid using videos in marketing because they believe that:

  • It takes too long
  • It costs too much
  • It’s hard to figure out

And for many years that was true.

But not anymore. With software like Wave you can make your own professional quality videos with a few clicks of a button and very little time spent.

Why I use Wave.video

Wave.video homepage

I tried out a ton of other online video content creators before deciding that this was the right one for me. You name it, I tried it. I wasted a lot of money in the process, but I really wanted to be sure that the tool I selected would work for the long term. I didn’t want to sign up for something only to find that it wouldn’t work for some other type of video I wanted to create. Now I had to purchase another subscription.

Wave.video was the most flexible of all the software I tried, and was truly point and click. I didn’t need to learn any fancy new tools, it was very streamlined and repurposing my content took me less than 60 seconds.

You can create tons of video using their templates or create your own from scratch using their enormous library of images, video, and audio.

How to use Wave.Video in Your Business

To get you started, here’s a walkthrough of how to create a video that you can modify slightly and repurpose for multiple platforms. When you first sign on to Wave.video click on the top right hand button called “My Projects” and you’ll be brought to your home screen. From there you can click on templates to see all available templates. Depending on your plan some may have an extra charge associated with them, but most of them will be available for your use for free.

Create a Video

Wave.video start from scratch

To get started with a brand new video, click on the button that says “Start from Scratch,” which will take you to your main workspace. On the left hand side you’ll find a task list that will guide you through the video making process. Step 1 is to select the type of video you want to make. Depending on your plan you will have access to a number of different formats. Select the one you want to use from the bottom section, which will move it to your “active formats” at the top. Those are the ones you can switch to and from on the fly. Formatting guidelines are available on the right hand side.

Wave.video Selecting your FOrmat

For the purposes of this video, we’re going to select the 9:16 story format. The next step is to select your video or image type. This is also where you can upload your own images using the upload tab in the blue bar. You can also find your favourites and purchased media in this section. Select the video you want to use and click on the “add” button. You’ll be moved into the Edit step.

Wave.video adding video

This is where you’ll spend most of your time. There are 3 main sections you’ll work in to create your video

  1. Workspace: You can edit the location and size of your creative in this space
  2. Formatting: Changing the animation, formatting, alignment, font or image can be done in this section. To change out a video or image, click on the tab on the top right of this section and click on the “Replace” button.
  3. Storyboard: From left to right this is a thumbnail and storyboarded version of your video. You can use this space to add additional text, calls to action, GIFs, edit the length of the videos and more.

Wave.video workspace

Storyboard Editing

This section is a little tough to show using images so I made a quick video to show you how you can increase or decrease the length of your videos using story editing.

Next you can add graphics and GIFs, your watermark, and audio.


Wave.video GIFs andGraphics

The next step is to publish! Depending on which plan you have your screen may look different, but this is where you select where you want your video to publish. You can publish it directly to a platform, or you can download it to your hard drive and upload it directly.


Repurposing for Other Media

You can change the format to square or horizontal as well using the buttons along the blue bar at the top.

There you have it! A quick way to create professional quality videos for your social media!

Which Version I use and Why

I tried out every version offered slowly increasing my plan so I could see how each one worked. If you’re a graphic designer or tend to be creative and like to have flexibility in your choices, the Pro plan will be right for you as well. But if you’re interested in getting good quality content out there fast, and you would prefer that Wave do the creative heavy lifting for you, the Creator plan will be most effective.

Pro Plan

I used the pro version for a long time, and I found it to be the most effective for me. I upgraded to Agency so I could add a few extra fonts. This is the one I recommend.

  • Create videos up to 5 minutes long
  • Full 1080p HD quality
  • Upload your logo and watermarks
  • Access to 500K free videos and images, plus 2 million more for a small and discounted price
  • Upload 1 font

Creator Plan

This version is fantastic for a creator on a budget, but lacks some of the features that you may want as you get more comfortable with the format.

  • Create videos up to 1 minute long
  • 720p quality
  • Resize to 30+ different formats
  • Limited access to the audio, video, and image library
  • You cannot add your own branding or logo to this plan

Free Version!

This version is great to test out, but not recommended as part of a marketing plan for business owners since it includes their watermark, limits the length of your video to 15 seconds and has limited creative capabilities.

Agency Plan

For most of my audience, the Agency version won’t be helpful to you. But if you’re curious about why you may want to use it, this version is great if you:

  • Need to make longer videos (up to 10 minutes long)
  • Manage multiple brands
  • Require the use of multiple custom fonts
  • Need to show clients previews
  • Want to sell your creations

Plans start at $8.25/month for the creator and go to $33.25 for the agency version. If you order using this link, then you’ll receive 10% off any paid plan!

My favourite part about this tool is that it democratizes video creation. Before Wave.video many business owners were held back from using tools that would help their growth significantly because the cost was too high, or the creative experience necessary was too great. Now anyone can pick up this software and start promoting content immediately.

And that, as those old Mastercard commercials uses to say – is priceless.

I’d love to hear how you use Wave.video in your social media strategy! Head over to the Direct to Success business page and let me know!