Stop! Try This BEFORE Running Facebook Ads!

When I originally envisioned my 5-class series, Marketing for Direct Sellers, it was to address the problem that new solopreneurs have in attracting new customers. I theorized that the issue was that direct sellers don’t know how to use Facebook ads. So it stands to reason that if we did, then that would allow us to get out there and find them, then everything would be OK.

Over the course of the last few month I have visited hundreds of direct sellers shopping pages and groups and I realized something. Ads are not the answer, they aren’t the magic bullet everyone is hoping they will be – which is actually AMAZING NEWS!! And I’ll tell you why.

Why spend money when you get get what you want for free

In all of the social media marketing and ad groups I’m in, something keeps coming up – over and over. It’s funny too because it’s not something I really thought about until I started working in this space. If there is potential for organic (unpaid) reach, then WHY would you spend money trying to pay to reach those same people you could reach organically. Click To Tweet

Let that sink in for a moment.

You – RIGHT NOW – have the potential to reach a new audience, without paying A SINGLE DIME to Facebook. Legit. Not even joking.

When I visited sales pages, I noticed that most business pages and your groups don’t have a lot of posts that showcase your uniqueness using the written word. By yours, I mean yours specifically, not the company you signed up with.

How Facebook Works

Remember that Facebook doesn’t operate using hashtags like Instagram or Twitter, so the more details you include in your posts, the better the chance of it being seen. That’s why when you post things that say, “Beautiful day, enjoying outside, show me a pic of what you’re doing #lovemylife” you get almost ZERO traction. You may get some if you already have an active group, but usually, you won’t. Because none of those words actually say anything.

Facebook uses the text to determine interests while ignoring what are called “stop” words because they are so common, there’s no way to connect them to one particular person or interest. It’s like saying you like breathing. Everyone likes breathing! That doesn’t make you unique, so it doesn’t really tell Facebook who to show your content to. But something more specific like Harry Potter – does. This is why knowing your target audience is so important, so you can use the words that will attract them.

Maximize your chances of your content being seen by using enough descriptive text in your engagement posts. Don’t say, “love today, happy to be on vacation! #vacationtime!” instead say, “Camping is my absolute favourite thing to do! This is us right before we head out for a hike along the river, then some fishing! Man being on vacation is the best!” This gives Facebook the opportunity to determine who in your group likes fishing, hiking, and/or camping. This means that if they’re in your group or follow your page, they’re more likely to see it.

Try Organic First

I know everyone is gung ho on ads right now – they’re the new hotness. But if you haven’t created a space where you deliver on those ads (both in personality and promotion) then you’re just spending money on reaching people you could’ve reached for free. Take some time – focus on building up your page with meaningful content. You’ll see a change in both the volume, and the types of responses you receive.

Bonus tip: Whenever someone responds to you, try to respond with a question(if appropriate). This keeps the conversation going, and does wonders for your relationship AND your algorithm.


  1. Monica Maciel

    Just reading this tidbit, has already got my wheels cranking… Thank you so much. BTW, I am literally 5 minutes from your sister Saira, just over the stateline in Pepperell. We met recently, who knew that I had such beautiful smart business women within reach. Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I am excited to learn all the things.

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