Social Strategy Squad 2021 Curriculum

👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A social selling strategy expert committed to providing you with a plan to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

So what do you say? Are you ready to grow your business #HUSTLEFREE? Take a look at the progress you’ll make in just a couple of months!

Phase 1
Don’t Lose your customers before you start

Month 1 – Finding YOUR Customers (a $750 value)

Find more people who will buy from you faster by targeting YOUR customer. In this course you’ll create a blueprint for your social media content including keywords to build trust, trigger the algorithm, and generate more sales in less time.

  • Week 1: Lets Give Em Something To Talk About
  • Week 2: Become an Expert
  • Week 3 – Why People Buy YOUR Product
  • Week 4 – Design YOUR Customer

Month 2 – Branding isn’t What you Think it is (a $950 value)

The fastest way to convert a cold market is to convince them of the value you provide, and in this session you’ll learn how to create the shortcuts between your logo, your business, your message, and your audience’s day to day life. Accelerate your growth by showing your loyal customers how to market for you – so that they’ll actually do it.

  • Week 1: Pitching Your Brand so that People Care (Your One Liner)
  • Week 2: What’s Your Thing?
  • Week 3: Logos & Colors
  • Week 4: Let your Brand do the hard work for you

Month 3 – You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression (a $650 value)

What’s the first thing a stranger sees when they come to your page or website. Do they know why they’re here, or what to do next? Without that information, you’re losing 97.8% of your visitors in the first 3 seconds, before they even register your content. Using what you learned in Month 1 & 2, you’ll create a cover photo that snags their attention from the moment they arrive, and keeps their attention until they buy.

  • Week 1: The “Cover Photo” (Your business in a glance)
  • Week 2: Planning for your Cover Photo
  • Week 3: Creating your Cover Photo in Canva
  • Week 4: Workshopping your photo and getting Feedback

Month 4 – Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page (a $450 value)

You go through an awful lot of trouble to find your customers, but are you losing them before they even bite? That’s why most ads look like they don’t work – you get the people, but you lose them on the path to purchase. During this month you’ll learn how to role-play as a customer and walk through your user journey to identify holes that need to be plugged. Don’t let the customers you’ve worked so hard to find fall through sales cracks you don’t even know exist yet.

  • Week 1: How does your business page fit into your business plan?
  • Week 2: Creating your interim piece (Your lead magnet)
  • Week 3: Automated Messages
  • Week 4: Facebook Shop



Phase 2
Building Outside of Facebook (may-aug)

If you’re tired of freaking out every time there’s a Facebook outage and you’re ready to break out of Facebook jail, then you’re in the right place. You’ll learn how to tap into your local market (even if you’re an introverted ball of anxiety), build trust online passively, and use the same content you’re already creating to beef up other social media platforms. This is where you learn the tools to make more money, with less work, and blessedly – with less Facebook.

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Phase 3
Planning for the Future (sept-Nov)

Once you have your funnel in place, and you’ve opened the door to your customers, the next step is using that to automate for freedom. We’ll wrap up the squad curriculum by first creating a power packed holiday season so you can go into 2022 with a surplus, and then working on your plan to scale up next year!

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