Sales Archetypes – Or, Why Stuff Works for Everyone Else and Not you.

When I was in direct sales there was one thing that always pissed me off. Like Always. 

I would see that someone in the same company as me was doing a really cool thing. Pocket parties, where’s waldo games, going live, etc. that was blowing their engagement and sales out of the water. And I wanted the same results. 

So, I would go to their page, reverse engineer what they did, and then try it out on my own page.

When I tried it on MY page, NOTHING would happen. Or I’d get great results once, and then COMPLETE SILENCE.

Drives me insane.

Over the last couple of years though, I’ve been watching what other people do for a different reason. Not to find out why things work for them, but to figure out why those same activities don’t work for other people. And I have a theory as to why – AND how we can fix it! 

The Different Ways of Selling

The main reason is that we’re all different, and our customer bases are different. It stands to reason that what works for Jackie (an extrovert loves to go live all the time), may not work for me (an introvert who needs frequent breaks between social interactions).

And though that’s an awesome piece of information – and makes all of us feel much better about ourselves, there’s not much we can do with that. If everyone’s different, then HOW do we figure out what’s going to work for us or isn’t? Doesn’t that make it even worse?

It does not! And here’s why.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been watching direct sellers for a while, and after a while, I realized that small, home based business owners fall into one of THREE different types of selling. 

  • Broadcaster
  • Connector
  • Merchandiser
Which made me think. If there are 3 archetypes of selling, that might mean that Jackie is a Broadcaster so live selling works well for her. But I’m more of a Connector, so trying to sell like a Broadcaster is going to cause me a world of hurt, and it won’t work for me anyway.

The great thing is, once I started to think more about it, I saw that by identifying as one of these buckets, business owners immediately know which activities will help their businesses, and which ones wont. Which MEANS, you can buy yourself some more time in your day!

I’m gonna end today on a high note before we dive in tomorrow. So here’s my call to action for you. And I am CALLING it a call to action, because it is.

What would you do if you had 2 more hours in your day? (You can’t work!) Head over to Direct to Success business page, and tell us!


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