Sales Archetype – Connector

The last of the 3 archetypes on our list is the CONNECTOR. This is the category that most of you will fall into.

The connector’s currency is INFORMATION & EXPERTISE in a specific ARENA. Think things like cooking, fashion, social media, makeup, health & beauty, organization etc. What that means is, if you’re selling makeup, your audience expects you to know about the makeup. They also expect you to know about applying it, other brands in the field, what goes well with that product, where you can find those things, etc.

Your audience keeps coming back because they aren’t ONLY about the sale. They want to be informed consumers, and they’ve been burned before. Your viewers are looking for someone they can trust to give them information and opinions. They expect that the connector knows what the new hotness is, and will keep them updated.

The connector can sell in pretty much any way they want to. Their video content can consist of short lives of product demonstrations, checkins with their audience, top 5 lists, quick or long live sales events, etc.

Prospects and customers see this category as being almost like extensions of their friend group. Which means that you need to share with them as if they were your friends. They don’t just want to hear about products and sales. Viewers want to hear about your day, new TV shows your watching, how your kids are doing, etc. They trust you to do the research and give them good information. That trust doesn’t come cheap, it requires that you open yourself up to your group. 

This is the most flexible of the 3 methods since you can sell any way that you want to, but its also has its own challenges. It requires that you post regularly about your life, who you are, and learn the art of building relationships online.

Note: This isn’t to say that broadcasters and merchandisers aren’t experts in their field, but people don’t really come to them for that, that’s more of a bonus.

Strength & Challenges


  • The most adaptable to changing social media, since you’re building a foundation-based flexibility.
  • Your products aren’t relevant, once you have the audience, you can really sell anything you want from anywhere.
  • Is the #1 option for brand ambassador and affiliate income.
  • Link sharing and how-to videos can take up a lot of the newsfeed, so you don’t have to be the one constantly coming up with content.
  • You don’t need to carry any inventory.
  • Finding your customers is the easiest here, because all you need to know is where they hang out.


  • Since there are a lot of balls in the air, can be overwhelming.
  • Burnout is faster for this category because you start to feel like you need to document EVERYTHING in your life.
  • Because it does also include lives, it can be confusing to figure out where the connector ends and the broadcaster begins. Here’s the difference. A broadcaster MUST go live 3-5/week, and either have compelling content or have a set schedule. A connector can go live whenever they want.
  • However, they need to also constantly be finding new content to keep their customers interested, since most of them are content junkies.
  • Your life becomes an open book.
  • People in this category usually become influencers, which is psychologically challenging for many because that’s not how they see themselves.

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