Sales Archetype: Broadcaster

The broadcaster is someone who loves to go live. Like LOVES it. They aren’t going live because someone else told them they should. They’re going live because MAN, they just love the energy and the vibe. It’s also not about being ABLE to talk for hours, broadcasters need to WANT to talk for hours and enjoy it. They have good days and bad days. But they recognize that allowing their customers to see them day in and day out is more important than making sure they’re always on their A-game.

Their customers are looking for some form of entertainment. Don’t get intimidated by that idea! Keep in mind that entertainment can be something as simple as watching someone opening up oysters. It doesn’t mean that you need to do a dance or a jig, but people expect their broadcasters to communicate with them directly on their live. They want to have conversations with you. They want to get to know you. But you also need to provide them with value, so having something to show or share with them when you go live will be crucial.

If you are a broadcaster, you accept that you’re a personality, and your audience feels special when you say their names. Make sure you call out people’s names often for something. Remember things that they tell you so that you can refer back. The broadcaster audience expects you to be present 5 days a week for multiple hours. Either broken up or one marathon live. They are willing to pay you for that time. This archetype is most likely to benefit from the Streaming Subscription Model that Facebook is rolling out. 

One of the biggest challenges facing a broadcaster is that their audience may not be aware of how to support them financially, so you have to know how to ask for the sale, ask for the subscription in a way that isn’t spammy or icky. 


If your content is good, and people are entertained, then it’s not necessary for you to have a schedule. People will adapt their schedule at your convenience. If you’re:

  1. New
  2. Just starting to find your broadcasting voice
  3. Lack confidence on lives

then you will need to have a schedule in place. People will continue to come back for you for one of TWO reasons. Either you’re entertaining, or you’re reliable. If you aren’t either, then broadcasting may not be for you. 


A merchandiser may use live sales as a means to an end, but for them it’s not about the live selling, its about the VOLUME AND VARIETY. The Broadcaster is about ENTERTAINMENT AND CONSISTENCY.

Strengths & Challenges


  1. Less advertising than MERCHANDISER & CONNECTOR (if any at all) since it takes advantage of the Facebook Live algorithm boost
  2. Is self-contained, if you sell on a live, you do it, you’re done. 
  3. No extra pictures or hassle. 
  4. Its customized to you, which means you can talk about anything you want, no matter what you find interesting, there’s other people out there who like it too, but they have to find you!
  5. Once you figure out your niche and marketing strategy, growth is the fastest, and the financial return happens sooner in this category. 
  6. Content is easily repurposed for YouTube or IGTV. 
  7. Great platform for affiliates and ambassador programs. 
  8. Fastest way to grow your business page following. 


  1. Need to be comfortable talking for extended periods of time about nothing, even when there’s no one around. 
  2. Takes a lot of stamina, even if you love it. 
  3. You need to either have amazing content or be extremely regular in your schedule. Your viewers won’t come back without one of the two. 
  4. You have infinity options to choose from in finding your niche, which is overwhelming. 
  5. Competition is very high, and if you don’t find your schtick early enough, can take a long time to show results. 
  6. Use keywords to make sure your content gets to the right people or else even if you find your niche, they wont be able to find you. 
  7. You really don’t get a streaming day off. You need to go live every time you say you will, multiple times a day to keep people’s interest. If your content is EXCEPTIONALLY good, this won’t apply.

Is this something that resonates with you? Come join the conversation, I’d love to hear how you feel about this archetype.

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