Private Coaching

Minessa Konecky
Social Strategy Expert


who I am and who i help

Many small business owners feel like they can’t take time off from their businesses and live in a constant state of, “I need to do just one more thing.” 👋 I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategy expert with a 3-Step plan to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” so you can finally take time off, guilt-free. Because you don’t have to should all over yourself to be successful.


  • Building an online business on Facebook 
  • Creating the infrastructure so you don’t need to depend on Facebook
  • Get your posts seen by people that want to buy, not just lurk
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube
  • Growing your local and online markets
  • Make more money in less time with processes, systems, & strategies
  • Mental Health as a business owner (finding balance)

saira valley
community sales coach


who I am and who i help

Many growing boutique owners feel stuck; like they have to choose between growing or having a life. The freedom they imagined when they first started seems impossible when they’re wearing every hat, doing every job, and drowning in endless to do lists. I help them break up with time sucking practices and build processes that will make their lives easier so they can hit their goals without adding more hours to their day.


  • Building a group of buying customers on Facebook without going live
  • Growing your community without asking for shares or giving away the farm
  • Creating a personal brand that people talk about
  • Using story-telling to build lasting, lucrative connections
  • Mystery bags
  • Financial Organization and Management
  • Relationship Building

YOU DON’t have to choose between your family and your business

If you don’t know us, we’re sisters who’ve worked together for decades. We’ve gone from playing stuffed animals as kids to running multi mullion dollar companies as grown-ups. We love to share knowledge and have spoken on topics ranging from leadership and sales to marketing and community. We’re equally comfortable 1:1, in small board rooms, and convention halls with thousands. Together we’re a powerhouse of complementary skills. Our forte is helping small business owners like you find the right mindset to tackle your big dreams, implement strategies to grow without spending your entire life working.

A few years ago our business was flourishing, we were growing and hitting our goals, but as people, we were falling apart. We were working non stop, not sleeping, eating poorly, and barely spending any time with our families. Minessa missed her husband and her dogs, and Saira was trying to figure out when the “freedom” part of being a business owner came in, and both of us were run down, exhausted, and sick.

Much like you, we were wondering: does it seriously need to be so hard to run a business?

Turns out, it doesn’t, but we had been programmed by years of social media, television, society, to believe that there was only one way to be successful, and this was it. Work 24/7, sacrifice everything, and lo, success will follow! We decided to come up with a new way – a better way that kicks all those ideas to the curb. Over the last few years we’ve built and help others build successful businesses with reliable incomes that don’t take up all their time and actually lets them and us live the life we dreamed of when we first started.

If you feel stuck in the muck, like the only choice you have is to quit or work your ass off all the time, we want to offer you that 3rd option. Live the live of freedom you dreamed of by using our #hustlefree systems, and leave the life of doing “all of the things” behind. You don’t have to spend another day shoulding all over yourself for the things you’re not getting done, book a vision call with Saira or Sign up for the Social Strategy Squad today!