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Setting up a website

There are a lot of variables when considering purchasing a domain name and setting up a website. I recommend reading through this entire guide before deciding which direction you want to go in. I wrote this for someone who has never thought of setting up a website before, so that you can get an idea of what you will need and why. You may already be familiar with some of it, so you may find it a bit pedestrian sometimes, but once you’re done with this, you should have a good idea of what you need to do to get your website started.

For Further Learning

I like to leave the teaching of things to people who devote their entire lives to it, so though I can give you the basics in this training

Hope Hanson is an entrepreneur who has been blogging for 10 years. Building both a successful photography business and a direct sales business through blogging. Now, she is teaching others how to create successful and profitable blogs. Think of The Purple Teacup Co. as the place you go to ask your best friend blogging questions. Hope and I have become great friends, and I am super excited to recommend her services. Just so you know, we have no official partnership nor affiliations, I just think she is DA BOMB! What I like the best about Hope is that she understands blogging and direct sales, and small, home based business ownership, so she speaks our language, which is crucial when you’re building out your business in the beginning.

PS. When you try out her courses and love her as much as I do, head over to her Business Page and show her some love!