Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page

Business Page

Think about your business page as your outward storefront. It’s basically what people will see when they FIRST look for you on Facebook. Sure, some people will find your group first, but if you are a consumer who has NEVER EVER purchased LuLaRoe online, you are not really going to intuitively know that oh yeah, in order for me to shop I need to join her Facebook Group. Nope, they will go to the page first, assuming that that’s where they can shop. When they get there, your first impression will be on that page.

What are you telling them on that page?

Are you telling them who you are? Do you have pics of outfits for sale today? Featured items? Have you posted anything on it recently? Do they know what you do? Are they even going to be sure that it’s you?

Think about walking up to a storefront that has nothing in the windows. No displays, no signs, nothing to say what’s going on other than a sign out front that says “LuLaRoe Saira Valley – Clothes.” If you DIDN’T know what LuLaRoe was, would you go in?

Probably not.

Because you would want to know something about this place – what is it? What can I find in there? Also, why does it look like an abandoned warehouse?


If the window display is ADORABLE, even if you aren’t sure what it is you might walk in just to see more of it.

THAT’S the feeling you want to elicit when someone comes upon your business page. You want them to see what you have, and then ask – how do I get more? And the way they get more, is to join your Facebook Group.

Facebook Group

Your group is going to be more like your living room. This is where all of your friends hang out and you share more vulnerable details about yourself there. That’s where you will give your community the perks that come with being part of your group. Where you will do meaningful giveaways and give people the opportunity to open up to you and to each other. This is where you will post capsules when you first get them, first dibs on outfits, where you will build your relationships. Chances are you will know a lot of the people in your group by name, though it’s unlikely that you will know them.

I know these distinctions can be a bit subtle, so I put together this chart to give you some ideas of one activity that you can highlight on your business page, and then delve deeper into in your group!

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