Facebook Ad Training Tour


Burlington, VT 06/30/18
Portland, ME 05/11/18
Kingston, RI 05/18/18
Orange, CT 05/19/18
Albany, NY 05/25/18
Stonybrook, NY (Long Island) 06/15/18
Wilkes Barre, PA 06/23/18
Baltimore, MD 06/16/18
Sarasota, FL 07/10/18
New Brunswick, NJ TBD (Still pending location)
Bloomington, MN TBD (Likely November)

Marketing as a Small Business Owner

Being a small business owner is freaking exhausting. Forget about Keeping up with the Kardashians, you spend your entire life trying to keep up with the Facebook Algorithm! You post beautiful inventory that no one is buying, go live night after night with limited viewers, call everyone you know to book an event, and still struggle to hit your goals. It’s grueling and killer on your self-esteem.

Saira and I felt the same way. I kid you not, we do OK in sales, but it is like pulling teeth. Reaching new customers and finding new eyes to come to our page feels like walking in the Sahara Desert looking for an oasis. We knew these customers were out there, and yet – we couldn’t seem to find them – anywhere. And we were looking. Hard. I know you are too, and much like us, I’m sure you’ve found that:

  • You’re at the point in your business now where your loyal customers are shopped out. They still come to your page and engage, but they don’t really buy as much as they used to.
  • You’ve exhausted your immediate community and maybe even reached out to friends of friends and family members, and they’ve already seen what you have and aren’t shopping.
  • You’re at your wits end with Facebook and its ever-changing algorithm that prioritizes your post one day, and then hides everything you say the next.
  • You know it’s time for you to start using the resources Facebook has provided to connect with new customers but just thinking about using tools like the “Audience Insights,” and “Ad Manager,” fills you with anxiety.
  • And even if it didn’t you aren’t sure what to say in your ads. What images should you use? What copy? Should you boost your post? There are way more questions than answers, and while you’re trying to sell you don’t have time to figure it out – you’re stretched thin as it is.

At this point, you’re so tired of trying to find new eyes for your inventory you’re resorting to discounting your product so your current shoppers can afford them, selling wholesale to your colleagues, or worse, just throwing in the towel altogether to cut your losses.

Don’t give up yet!

There is light on the horizon. The issue here isn’t that your stuff isn’t amazing, or that people don’t want to buy it. It’s just a matter of you exhausting your current sales network, and you need to get new eyes on your shop. And the thing is, you know this already, but organic reach isn’t working the way you had hoped, and now it’s time to try something new, something different, something you’ve either not tried before or you’ve tried but you weren’t sure what you were doing, so it was hard to tell if it was working or not.

We’re going to dive headfirst into the world of Facebook Advertising. This is a course specifically designed to help you accomplish the following:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page set up and ready to use for all your advertising needs
  • Describe in detail who your customers are, what they like, what they don’t like, and how you can connect with them
  • Write copy for your advertisements that will attract their eye and make them want to shop with you
  • Navigate the Facebook Ad Manager to target your audience
  • Neutralize the Facebook Algorithm and then, make it work FOR you,


Dates/Locations/Registration will be forthcoming over the next few weeks, just wanted to let you know this was happening! If you would like your city to be considered for a stop on the training tour, please fill out this form.

Most of these dates are fairly close to being locked in. Registration will open within a few weeks and the link to each event will be in the table below.

Who This Training is For

The purpose of this training is to provide you with a basic understanding of marketing & advertising online. The content is targeted towards small business owners with limited familiarity with the online advertising platform. Before attending this class you will need to have an active Business Page. If you do not, don’t worry, there will be e-mails sent out in advance of the event that will walk you through setting up a Business Page and what to do to get it up and running.