Demystifying the Facebook Algorithm

Mention the Facebook Algorithm to a small business owner one day and watch their reaction. To most of us, it’s become a gigantic albatross around our necks. It’s a monster of epic proportions. Every day we have to get together a raid to go vanquish it. And there isn’t even any good loot once you kill the dragon! Because the very next day you just start the battle all over again!

As long as business owners continue to think of the algorithm as their enemy – a scary monster under the bed – they’ll struggle with growing their audience. The truth is, its the unknown of it all that makes it so tough. In this video I decided the time had come for me to demystify the algorithm for direct sellers. Let’s learn everything we can about it, so that we can stop fighting it, we can give it a hug, make it our friend, and make it work for us for a change!

In this video I talk about the purpose of Facebook – which is to mimic real life interactions online. We go over how you show up on Facebook and why your profile is so important – who are you on Facebook? Does it know? Do you give it enough information to determine who would be interested in your content? Are you overly salesy? We also cover the impact your activities have on your reach for your page and your group.

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