Demystifying the Facebook Algorithm – Transcript

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The Facebook algorithm is probably one of my favorite things in the whole world so I’m like so excited right now,I know a lot of people aren’t excited about the algorithm, but I find it to be a very happy puzzle to play around with.

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So word to the wise as Facebook is going through its little thing that is going through for its third party apps so we’re going to run into situations like this but it’s okay I was prepared in advance so I’m all set.

I’m hello hello Lorrain Delin best Audrey fantastic my hair is so blue honestly if he is actually getting more blue I’m not sure how that’s happening it should be getting more faded, but you can see my roots are starting to show, so I was thinking about getting Manic Panic and just like you know Manic Panic in it and make it all blue. Hi Brooke life is a public a public live anybody wants to to learn about Facebook algorithm.

So let’s get started as it is 3, and since this is public by the way you can actually share it in your team pages or whatever you’d like I got lots pages of notes here you’ll know that I had some of it written down and I’d like I typed up and then I was like

Alright so first as my name is Minessa Konecky I run Lularoe Bobbies Dreamers. About 6 to 8 months ago I realized that Facebook was moving slightly different direction and I was super excited because many of you don’t know this, but I got my degree in media studies from Emerson College back when the internet was brand new. So I actually was one of the I designed one of the first websites ever, when i say ever I mean that that in terms of like relatively speaking because right now we have billions of web sites, but this is back when there were thousands of websites,

and I had a website and I actually have a picture of it I think I posted it on direct success.

It was called the company is called Aleph inc, so I made that website and actually went and found on the way back when time machine like my original website.

So that’s always been my passion is the internet in the evolution of the internet I just haven’t had a chance to use it very well.

When I came to the realization that I can totally use my degree finally after all these years I took coaching lessons joined admin groups play because I wanted to learn about what was happening in the Facebook world.

Now the same time a lot of things have changed since then and so I’ve been really glad that I invested that time originally to sort of become more aware of what’s going on why it’s happening and I kind of thing, so I want to share that with you because I’ll be honest learning about the stuff is actually is a full- time job I’m not not even joking like I have spent so much time on this and trying to share it with our teams and what not, because you’re trying to find the resources that are best for us as direct sellers, or small business owners like we don’t need to know everything all of the programming and every single thing that Facebook does.

We just need some of the stuff is relevant to us but nobody really wants to spend an entire day, 10 days 20 days learning about this stuff so my goal was to learn it and then share what you needed to know and of course be a resource if you need it but mostly just sort of nutshell it for you

Let me first start by asking you to take a minute and pretend you’re not a retailer of any kind okay pretend that you’re not a retailer of any kind. You don’t sell anything on Facebook pretend that you are just an ordinary person that uses Facebook for the same reasons that everybody else does, and this is going to be really important for you just put yourself in that space for the next hour okay because a lot of the problems we have with Facebook algorithms are because we don’t approach it from the masses point of view we approach it from our point of view, and our point of view extremely different from the masses point of view.

So in this moment we are no longer retailers we are all people who visit Facebook just generally and then I want you to take a minute and think about a party, okay like an actual party so you’ve all walked into this party and you don’t know anyone at this party except for the host.

Now you need  to be this party for 3 hours,so while you’re at this party like you’re not going to just stand there by yourself in a corner I mean you might I used to do that but usually we try to find a safe place where we, as people you know where we can just like congregate and it’s easy for us to do that when we have friends who are these parties but if we have no one at this party, we need to get to know people right and so will happen is is the host will usually come say “hi how are you doing” and introduce you you to someone and you’ll talk to this person and you’ll start to have a conversation right you’ll be like “hi my name” is you’ll talk about your kids, what your favorite books or movies are, how you know the host, what you do for a living  living where you’re basically feeling each other out to get to know if you guys like each other or not, like can you stand to be around each other and 1/2 you don’t have much in common you can’t talk a bit and then you know. Around them and fade off into somewhere else and then maybe meet somebody else and then you’ll go to the whole cycle over and over again.

Over the course of the night your to meet more people. Some of those people you’re going to be like you know what I really like you and maybe exchange phone numbers or email address. You have enough in common to where you want to talk to this person again.

When you hear from this person in the future your brain goes through its own set of algorithms it immediately makes the assessment “Okay this phone call is from Jackie and Jackie I met at the at the at this party and I liked her and we had these things in common and yes I’m going to answer this phone call” but you go to that so fast like your brain is a lot faster than Facebook.

Facebook is trying to mimic that kind of behavior because we know based on our relationships with people, like if I was to ask you so you “remember your friend Tracy from high school 30 years ago you were in 9th grade” you might be like “I totally remember her i wonder what she’s up to” you may be interested about learning about Tracy.

But if you guys weren’t best friends in high school you’re probably not going to be like.“Hi Tracey it’s me Minessa we should go to dinner tomorrow night so i can tell you all the stories and share everything that’s happened to me since I saw you last in 9th grade” right that’s probably not what’s going to happen

However since I’m really good friends with Tammy I am probably like you to call Tammy and say hey Tammy I’m in town do you want to hang out right

We know what our relationships are with people and how intimate they are and how close they are and whether we want to see someone or not just because our brain goes through these algorithms extremely quickly

However online there’s really no way to do that.

I’m going to pause for a secon

I’m going to take you back on the wayback time machine. So for those of you who remember MySpace give me some laughs ,if anybody was friends with Tom give me some laughs left. Tom was our only friend for so long. For those of you that were not part of MySpace, just Google MySpace and Tom and you’ll learn that Tom was everybody’s friend. He’s the guy who made Myspace.

Myspace was the first friend keychain. You collected all your friends and you have a little section on the bottom right-hand side of the screen to show you pictures of all your friends however many friends you had like I was how cool you are because you know having the most of her friends on Myspace is always a thing.

But Myspace wasn’t able to differentiate between relationships.

So you were just as likely to see content, or to go see content (because I think you had to actively browse content in Myspace) from Tammy as I am from Tracy from 30 years ago.

There was no way to distinguish it, and then Facebook came about.

Mark Zuckerberg has this idea for Facebook, its gonna be an online community.

But think about this.

Think about a feed, as a non retailer, think about your news feed, your news feed is stuff that you’re interested in, and Facebook at this point didnt know who you’re close to or not it would post things chronologically. You’d see I wrote something, or you’d see Saira right after, and then after that Tammy, and then Catherine in chronological order. No real indication as to whether one was more important than the other, which back in the day when we all had 10 friends that was no big deal.

But overtime we started to gather more friends, more people that we met and that started to become our keychain. “Oh i met you at dinner dinner I’m going to add you to my Facebook friends list” or “we knew each other 20 years ago I’m going to add you to Facebook” so now we’re trying to collect bigger groups of friends.

Lots of us have hundreds of friends and some friends are really acquaintances, some friends are actually family, for the most part we have a large collection of people in our feed, now Facebook has tools available where you can designate people as friends, family, acquaintances, etc

Your average Facebook user is not using that option, your average Facebook user is not saying “I’m going to designate everybody in my list so that Facebook knows how I’m related to them”, for most people they just add a person as a friend and they go in this bucket of friends and it’s been that way since what 2005 or for whatever Facebook came out.

So what’s happening when you have hundreds of friends, is now your newsfeed is just chronological, and there’s no way for you to see things you may actually be interested in, because now you’re just in chronological list of everybody. So Facebook had to come up with a way to make it so that we were seeing things that we care about so that I saw things that Tammy posted because Tammy and I are friends I talk to her more regularly but that Tracy though I may want to see what she’s up to I don’t necessarily need her in my feed everyday because we’re not that close. Maybe we could rekindle a friendship but it’s unlikely  that I would actually see everything that she posts.

So Facebook had to come up with a way to sort of figure that out. At the same time at the same time you had a Facebook business pages starting, if you look at what Facebook business pages used to  look like they’re actually really really funny.

You would go and like a Facebook page because you wanted to support the the company . I love World of Warcraft I’m going to go support Blizzard. They’re  company that makes World of Warcraft. I love your Yoplait yogurt, I’m going to go “like” them because I want to support them because I’m and I’m going to go back to those pages every so often do they have any discounts do they have any any sales are they having anything already coupons whatever I’ll go back and look but now business pages are like “I can publish stuff and it’ll go into their the right that’s really cool”, so they start publishing things like that right now you’re starting to see Tracy’s things over here that you don’t want to see  but your also starting to see promotional things starting show up.

In real life we all have communities. I used to be apart of the Historical Commission in Franklin I wanted to talk to my fellow commissioners.

So we could have a little community where we’d all hang out

Wed post things and talk amongst ourselves about the school house on the corner or the graveyard that we want to renovate or whatever it is we can talk in this community.

But then retailers got this idea that they’re like “well you know we could do this is a captive audience why not create a group around our product, now we can post all these things and then we’ll have access to people”.

Now this sounds like a great idea on the retailer side, this sounds like a great idea on the business side, but on the consumer side who is a user of Facebook, for them and their feed is now getting cluttered with all kinds of nonsense that they don’t want .

Facebook realized they needed to make the algorithm smarter, it needed to be able to make decisions about what to show you based on your relationship with people. You may like Ford, but you may not necessarily want to see every post that Ford makes.

On its  business page, maybe you have a Ford Focus and you’re interested in learning more about your ford focus features but you don’t necessarily want the ford focus features to be showing up in your news feed burying the fact that your friend Julia is pregnant, you definitely want to hear more about Julia being pregnant way more than ford focus.

Facebook has to start to make those decisions. The algorithm is written to determine what general users, what you as a user not as a retailer want to see in your feed.

This isn’t  a targeting a specific business it’s not targeting Lularoe, Agnes and Dora, or Sensi or any of those things. Is’s not even targeting businesses. What it is doing though is it is trying to create a more positive user experience which is where people engage with each other.

Many of you may have watched Mark Zuckerberg’s deposition in front of congress. “How does facebook make money?”

It makes money off of advertising, billions of dollars in advertising, why do people advertise on Facebook? This is where it starts to get really interesting and just so you know, I’m just going to go a little bit more into how we got here and then I’ll talk a little bit what Facebook is supposed to be and then I’ll talk about how we can how we can use that information.

So Facbook has ads that’s  how they make their money but you only publish ads on Facebook because you know they have 2 billion people on Facebook if tomorrow Facebook said well we don’t really have 2 billion users we have 5, how many people would actually pay to use Facebook advertising, because you’re paying for the real estate real estate in Facebook how many would actually do that ? It’s unlikely that any of you would if you knew you’d only reach 5 people you wouldn’t, but if users found that their feed were constantly full of sales stuff all the time business and sales all the time they would leave because this would no longer be what it is that they opted into they opted into a community a place where they could keep up with their friends pictures of their dinner but they opted in for social engagement they didn’t opt in to get sold to .

In order for Facebook to be able to keep people here it has to give them what they want which is community, social interaction. engagement relationships, friendships.

The only way to do that is to make sure that the feed is showing them what they want to see it because Facebook isn’t you it can’t make all of those micro decisions on its own it can only use the actions that you take to make its best guess to say okay Minessa just chatted with Tammy.

I just talked to Tammy on Facebook Messenger right, Facebook is going to say aha “Minessa and Tammy are friends

she probably wants to see what Tammy has to say” so it’s going to show me what Tammy says on her feed. When Tammy posts something on her personal page Facebook is gonna say “aha she cares about that, im going to show it to her”.

Bt if somebody was my next door neighbor who I haven’t seen in 35 years, posts something on her wall, and I’ve never talked to her and I haven’t messaged her, it’s going to assume that its less of a priority than what tammy has to say to me and that’s how facebook makes those decisions Communication and engagement is the currency of Facebook, it is the currency that says if you have these interactions with people,

interactions is key, not action where I am coming to you and saying something and your ignoring me, not interaction where I messaging you and you never respond, not interaction where I’m posting something and you’re just posting like if I say “what’s your favorite color and light blue blue blue yellow purple orange” that’s not interaction that’s a comment.

An interaction would be if you say “blue” and I say “oh my goodness I really love blue, I have blue hair” and then you say “oh my gosh i’ve always wanted blue hair that’s awesome” and I say “yeah it took me years to figure out how to do that”. Now we are interacting with each other, that is Facebook currency is interaction.

The problem that we have in general is we keep looking at things from the point of view of a retailer.So we don’t understand what the problem is “im posting stuff and somebody’s commenting, like that’s engagement” but I want to ask you a question right here’s my question.

If i walk up to you and say “I want to engage with you”. Like legit I’m going to walk up to you and say that in person. You are all going to look at me like I’m really strange, you’re like “okay that’s a weird way of saying it okay sure”.

That is not how Human Relationships work. You don’t tell someone I want to engage with you, you just go up and you engage with them. I would walk up to them say “hey how are you doing how, how are you enjoying the weather aren’t you glad spring is coming?” and I know everywhere the weather is a good thing to talk about but, here it’s especially because we all hate the weather here.

We start a conversation with a question. But I think that what’s happened is we have really over complicated this issue.

You can’t hack Facebook you can’t beat the algorithm like those are all things that people create to make money. There is no hacking Facebook algorithm, the algorithm is what it is.

What you can do though is understand it so that you can embrace it and make it your friend.

How do you do that?

I’m going to tart off simple and then go into a little more detail

How you do that is by being human. That’s it legit like just be human.

Now you know that Facebook is trying to mimic human behavior and understand what it is that’s happening so that you can identify relationships with people.

So in order for you to have more visibility you need to be a person.

Whichseems really simple but that’s why it’s actually so hard, is because sometimes the most simple things are are just the hardest to implement. Because Facebook was not intended to be a sales platform where everybody’s feed is full of sales because nobody wants to see that, and we have tried to hack the system by making it for sales, we are invading people’s personal space with our sales because most people do not come to groups.

Im apart of this power admin group, there’s a question that this guy has asked, and they’re trying to learn, they’re trying to get data about how do General Facebook users engage with groups, and by in large Facebook users that are not people who use Facebook for business look at it in their feeds. Which means they don’t see things like you’re awesome pinned post, they don’t see the context in which you may be posting something, they don’t see the context in which you may be posting something,they dont see if a post maybe part of a series, they just see it as it comes and as it goes in there, and if you happen to not be on their feed at a time when they’re browsing then they just won’t see it, unless it’s something Facebook finds to be interesting to them and that’s what we start to come in with his be human part.

First things first is stop thinking about it in terms of engagement, because nobody really engages with other people

This is why having authentic posts are so important, vulnerable posts are so important because the vulnerable posts where you use specific words and language triggers the attention of Facebook to say “ah these people  have something in common”, because all it is is running through data.

If youpost something like tell me how we met in a GIF. Everybody’s gonna post their gifs, and if that starts interactions between people, that’s great, because you are creating a community.

Ths is why I think many people are having problems because I’ve seen people’s feeds I’ve seen what people post in their groups and there is a lot of generic engagement posts going around, a lot  of engagement bating and a lot of of sales posts and a lot of live sales

There’s not a lot of conversation happening around things

Now there are those of you who are doing a fantastic job with your posts. I’ve seen some of them they’re amazing. People who are talking about homeschooling their kids and people who are talking about getting healthier and self-improvement and learning how to speak a new language like all of these kinds of conversations people are having on their groups and they are actually seeing better sales than those who are not doing that.

They’re showing their inventory less but they are still seeing more people buy because the variety of kinds of posts they are making and the vulnerability and authenticity that they’re sharing of themselves in their groups is encouraging other people to participate with them

If youre looking for some ideas: I can tell you that posting about pictures of your children and dogs always go well. You’ll do really well if you post a picture of you at a younger age and then ask people to share about them because people love to have conversations with each other about that kind of thing, pictures of you and your significant other when you guys first met, like the first picture you can possibly find and then ask people to share for those.

Theseare all the kinds of conversations that you would have with a friend, these are the kinds of conversations you’d have with somebody that you met at a party.

“Where did you meet your husband oh I met him and Anna Maria” that starts that kind of conversation.

You want to basically put yourself out there as a person so that other people can interact with you. That’s sort of the key there, is to get people to connect with something, because think about the last time that you saw a post that said “tell me how we met in a GIF” or something like that and felt compelled to answer it. We all felt compelled that first time but since then nobody felt compelled to answer it since then, we just scroll past and sometimes you might not even see it because Facebook hides it from you because it knows you don’t care.

But if you see a post that says “hey this is the picture of me and my husband when we first met” you can tell it’s from the 80s that hair is all crazy hahaha and they’re like“Oh my gosh i have that picture of our wedding. i’ve gotta go grab that picture”. That’s how people engage in communities when they are in real life.

So you want to try to mimic a real life community in your group. Now what are some of the things that are necessary for you to be a person on Facebook right so that you can interact with a group.

I wan to stop for a second and just talk about the entities that exist within Facebook. Think of  things as entities. So when you first signed up with Facebook, you signed up as yourself, I am Minessa Konecky and I have a Facebook profile. You write down stuff about yourself, you fill it out like a Livejournal, you tell stories whatever, and you as a Facebook entity start to gain points with Facebook.

Shes clearly a real person she uses Facebook often, she’s sharing people she’s engaging with her friends. You decide you want to go now to your friend Tammy and your friend Tracy and a couple other friends profiles and you comment on their feed. Now it’s saying not only is she a real person but she’s a real person who has friends who interact with her and if your friends write back to your comments now it’s like oh wow like these people are really friends, so you can see how it’s going through the same process that you’re brain does and it’s just making that calculation later.

So first things first in order for you to be able to maximize your potential on Facebook you want to make sure that you keep your personal profile active.

Facebok doesn’t want you to have a fake profile that’s just hanging out there. It wants you to engage with the system, engage with your friends, engage with people you know and so in order for it to know that you have to engage with them.

Let’s put it this way i like Tammy alot, known her for years now but if I never  engage with her on facebook, never comment on anything she does, never message her, if we have no interactions with each other on Facebook it doesn’t know that we are friends.

It knows that I’m on her friends list and knows that she’s on mine but it doesn’t know that we are actual friends,  there’s no way for it to know that if we don’t engage with each other,so in order for it to know you have to engage with your friends.

Which means that the left you and engage of people that you know the less your score is with Facebook. Which means it is not going to prioritize things that you have to say because it’s just not going to think that what you’re saying is important that you’re actually like they are actually sort of “real” or really using Facebook.

However it will reward you for being consistent in terms of engaging with other people and communicating with your friends and commenting on their post.

So when you go out there into into the facebook world take some time every day to sort of just go out there and comment on some posts that people have written to create your relationship

What’s important is this don’t be psycho about it.


I will tell you rightnow there is somebody from my past I literally have not seen in 35 years, who went in and liked every picture that I have posted since 2005 that is a lot of pictures yall that is a lot of pictures that are not all about a lot of them and then I got a p.m. It was a little bit excessive right so I got a comment on a post from like 3 years ago or something so that may be a bit excessive so I wouldn’t do that.

But I would go and once a day just look at somebody’s feed or somebody’s personal profile and just comment on something, like something, start to warm that up a little bit, rebuild that friendship and Facebook is going to see that be like “ah yes there is a little bit of friendship of going on here”.

Sometimes It’s not going to take, you know I have friends from college Years where I’ve gone and done that and they’re just not interested in reconnecting it’s totally fine that’s going to happen, others you are going to find “oh my gosh how are you doing”  now you’re starting to warm things up Facebook was like I asked those relationships having her she is a contributing member of the Facebook Society, so that’s the first thing.

The second entity is your business page okay.

Yes Cynthia I love what you just said don’t be a creeper

So the next thing is and I’ll come back to this more I just don’t know why I looked over there I know I was going to ask you some questions about

The next thing is your usiness page now many of you have noticed that Facebook has that linking feature, where you can link your Facebook page to your group and the first thing I hear from everyone who does that is “I did that and then I was getting no interaction on my posts whatsoever, none whatsoever”, that’s true and that will happen and the reason that will happen is because historically people have made their page and forgotten about it.

Facebook is starting to be really good about delineating responsibilities between the page and the group and I actually was sitting there one day, fairly recently and I was like “ah yes I get how to put the two of them together” and it was just one of those moments where I been trying to figure it out for ages and I had racked my brain, I had cried on the couch eating pints of Haagen Dazs I was just bitter and angry about the fact that I couldn’t figure out what was going on why isn’t this working on somebody give me some help. That is a slightly dramatized version of what actually happened but not too much and I realize that and you know what

some people have know this for ages so don’t don’t feel like I’ve discovered something new it just clicked in my head.

What clicked in my head was, think of your business page as your store right who talks to people in your group , now this is very short version it is not well explained right now I am going to do a full class on your page and group Synergy right so don’t’ worry about that doesn’t wau more coming on that because it is not an easy concept, it was one of those things I was like how do I even understand this enough to like, I need to understand it better to sort of explain it but it’s coming it is so coming and I’m so excited.

For now your page exists as an entity, most people create it and forget about it and then they’ll have their group, but your page exists as an entity just like you do, which means if it doesn’t do anything then it has a very low score.

You can’t see your score, your score is a hidden score. but you do have a score. If you haven’t used your Facebook page your score is zero Its like well you haven’t done anything and you aren’t really a person.

If you stick with it, so a lot of people will disconnect their Facebook page from their group because they’re like “what has happened? I’ve lost everything and I’m losing momentum”

You really need to do is stick with it right it’s going to pay off dividends in the long run. Start to post things as your business page in your group and on your business page right. What that does is it starts to create that relationship again and if you’re doing it in your group and if you do it often enough in your group your going to find that  people are going to interact with it.

Now we’ve been doing it for so long there is no difference between the posts we make with our page group versus posts i make as me using my personal profile.

Ifi make it as me or the business page i get the same general interaction, depending on the content

You have to actually build that reputation. It doesn’t take very long like a week and a half maybe 2.

So that’s something important to remember  it takes awhile for you to build a reputation so you can build a reputation by posting in your group as your business page, posting on your business page as your business page, but also by going and liking other pages as your business page.

That has a two-fold benefit, one is if you pick the pages that you like strategically, some you’re gonna like are really really big like Lularoe, that is a huge company that might not necessarily notice that you liked them.

But you my have a somebody like Brandi Belle earrings, Saira loves Brandi Belle earrings, so she can go like Brandi Belle earrings as her page, and then Brandi Belle earrings is gonna be like “that’s really nice I’m gonna go like your page” and you can start create a relationship that way right. Not everybody’s gonna do that but it’s a really great way to start to network a little bit and warm up other other markets.

So slowly over time your page is going to start building a reputation and now it’s and now it has its own score okay so now we established that in order for you to be able to have to have the exposure to the feed you need to be a person, both types of people your person and Facebook page. The next thing you want to do is you want to make sure the posts you are making are authentic engagement posts.

Somebody just wrote about this, Cynthia said don’t do engagement post because the reaction to those is generally only comments but engage daily not only with your personal friends and business relations. That’s exactly it, you want to make sure that you’re engaging with them, and before you go live or do anything you may also want to give yourself an opportunity to go to your VIPs and like a couple of their posts. It’s not a humongous deal, but it helps to warm up that connection.


Sometimes we think “as long as I’m posting something, at least I’m posting something”. But what you post makes such a difference.


Saira and I had been doing the generic engagement posts forever and we were always very uncomfortable with that because we didn’t understand why we were doing it, engagement has never been something I really understood, it’s complicated for me to just feel like I don’t understand why we want to engage with people why can’t we just talk like normal people? But that may be because I come from a video gaming background I played a lot of video games and online communities were just a thing in video games and rarely had in person communities.


So there was this person who hadn’t shopped with us in ages.

Saira and I decided to to revamp our content strategy we started to write a lot about cassettes.Because i was talking about cassettes and the 80s and because she’s very interested in cassettes and the 80s it started to show up in her feed. Because my stuff hadn’t showed up in ages in her feed right in ages, because I wasn’t really saying anything she cared about, and Facebook the algorithm, that sound like Spaceballs, Spaceballs the flamethrower Spaceballs The Lunchbox,  Facebook the algorithm.


The algorithm basically was like “oh she likes cassettes, she likes 80s”, I’m going to test it out and see if she cares about this, and she did, she came back to my group and I even asked her, she came over to our open house because she’s local and I was like “I haven’t seen you in such a long time” and she decided she was done buying Lularoe.I was like “what brings you here now ?” she said “I thought you had gone out of business because I haven’t seen your posts in a really long time and so that’s why I stopped buying Lularoe” and I was like “what made you actually come and see what happened?”, and she said she saw my cassette post in her feed and she reacted to it and then she started seeing more, and then she started coming to the group again and slowly but surely the warm who became cold and became warm again and now is hot, now she’s a regular shopper we can count on.


That is directly a result of the type of content that we’re putting out which is the type of content that people are interested in and that’s really the key here, you want to mimic your real life in Facebook.

You need to be giving Facebook the cues that it needs to be able to make determinations about what people are going to be interested in that you post and right now you are not doing that 90% of you aren’t doing that I know that some of you are.

There alway statistical outliers here, so what I’m saying is a general rule of thumb but you were definitely going to have people with like hundred, two hundred, thousand people groups who just post sales and they do just fine because the law of numbers is on their side and they are so big that they’re able to just push their way through that is not the experience for most of us.

You are definitely find examples that are contrary to  what I just said but those are probably going to be few and far between the general tendency is going to be more like we were talking about right now. So you want to make sure that your content and the way that you interact with people on Facebook, gives Facebook the cues that it needs, the algorithm cues that it needs, the information that it needs,  because this Facebook is a hungry mind people, it’s a very hungry mind this Facebook, and it will be able to make decisions based on that, and a lot of the reasons why many of our posts don’t get seen is because we have so neglected our Facebook feed, our personal feed, and what’s funny is I actually didn’t look like there for a while and then I realized I had my posts set to showing very specific people so I was posting things but nobody was actually seeing it because I had accidentally set it to default to only show it to like 10 people or something.

You want to make sure you’re giving it the cues that it needs to figure out that you are a person, and we have all neglected our Facebook personal profiles, I see some of you doing it a lot and that’s awesome. Our business profiles are neglected, our personal profiles are neglected all we post in our group is “look at this outfit look at this amazing sale, look at my live sale”. Facebook doesn’t necessarily want you to be exploiting the group’s platform in that manner so it’s going to be like “what are you doing here? this is supposed to be a place where people hang out and get to know each other and you guys are turning it into this salesy thing”.

Think about Play-Doh

When Play-Doh was first invented in the 30s, it was invented to clean wallpaper, and apparently it was really good at it. Then in the 50s vinyl wallpaper came about and so nobody needed Play-Doh anymore because you can just take soap and water and like wash your wallpaper. Now Play-Doh is now useless. What is it going to do?

It turned into a kid’s toy, repurposed. The groups were never made to be a sales platform they were made to create communities of people with like minds, and if you think about it in terms of our real life example that we talked about earlier.

If you guys are all hanging out in a community, all 210 of you, we’re all just chilling, and I started this community because I wanted to talk about fashion and self-improvement and beauty, and then I basically post nothing but “tell me your favorite Bon Jovi song and here by this cassette buy the boombox”. How long are you going to stay in that group?

Because there’s only so much money to go around, there’s only so many cassettes and nobody wants cassettes right now which is very sad, but you know it is what it is.

How likely are you to stay in that group, and How likely are you to continue to follow it?  Now some of you may be like “well I feel bad, I like Minessa, I don’t want to leave her group”, so you’ll do something even worse, you’ll hide it in your feed, you’ll be like I don’t want to see this and Facebook is like not only do you not want to see what’s in that group, so I should hide it but you’re actively taking steps to hide it, that’s how bad it is. I was not observing the customary norms that exist in a community. If all 222 of you were hanging out in the park, and I just kept walking up to each of you saying “Hey you wanna buy this. Hey you wanna buy this?”

First of all You’re going to be like okay right and then you’d say no.

You don’t want to be solicited to you don’t want your personal community space to be invaded by sales, even if I’m running the community. If I say I’m going to be create a community  and its a group and if they feel like the only reason that they’re there is to purchase something from you “the only reason Minessa really wants me in her room anyways because I spend money with her” they’re going to lose interest.

Same way you would anywhere else.

Here’s an example for what you can do to mitigate this think about a craft store.

You have a craft store like Michaels. You go to Michael’s to buy something, but the problem is this you only go to Michaels when you need to buy something.

For those who don’t know Michael’s is like an AC Moore it’s just a craft store.

If I need to buy crafts I will get up I will actively go to Michael’s to buy crafts.

The same thing is holding true for your groups, people are only coming when they need to buy Lularoe, or when they need to buy an item.

So then Michaels was like well we really need people to buy more stuff so they did something brilliant and I didn’t realize this till I started to understand sales theory and marketing and I’m like “oh my gosh I see what they’re doing”.

Michaels has weekly and daily craft lessons. You can come in and learn how to make a boat out of twine, and you can come and learn how to make your own flower arrangement, or to knit or paint

Now you’re coming to Michael’s, not to buy you’re coming to learn, classes are free, some are paid.

Let’s say you go to Michaels for a class. You never go in to a Michael’s you to want to buy from. You’re going to walk through the aisles and you’re going to see a stamp set, “that’s so cool” and your gonna buy that stamp set.

You may not have ever bought that stamp set, you may not have even come in to Michaels that day but Michael’s gave you a reason to come that was not shopping it was for community, for education, that’s why people will come as friend is empowerment education, demonstration education and entertainment so they bring you in for education for demonstration you come in and then you buy something you leave.

That is a community, so when you think about Facebook you need to be thinking about it in terms of a legitimate a community in person that is mimicked online that has no idea what’s happening unless you tell it what’s happening and the only way for you to tell me what’s happening is for you to engage with it in an active way to give it those CUES so that it’s like ah yes  okay this is what I said she likes basket weaving she likes cassettes she likes the 80s and if you continue to be human this is why I said be human is a simple answer because it really is it’s it’s the same thing we’ve been doing for generations millenia, and started building fires this is what we’ve been building little communities of people who have like Minds who engage with each other and we provide services to each other and exchange that so you know the society started to become agrarian

Exchange with each other like that’s what happened to the community

The only difference between Facebook and are real Community is the fact that we need to tell Facebook what’s happening it doesn’t know on its onn and that is why I think we struggle so much of the Facebook algorithm cuz we feel like it should be more complicated than that.

It’s also more likely we don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about those algorithms that go on in our own heads right like how often you spent thinking I’m making this decision I see my mother is calling she is the one who gave birth to me I have known her since I was born I like her I will answer my phone you’re  brain does all of those things it just doesn’t so quickly that you don’t really actually acknowledge it it happens like in a split-second, your brain is very fast.

Since we don’t usually spend time breaking those things down it doesn’t ever occur us to do that in person.

So that is what I would encourage all of you to do I would encourage everyone to be more human on Facebook to mimic your real life on Facebook in terms of how you interact with people what you do

Who you talk to, how you create relationships how you build relationships.

Always ask yourself before you post anything?

Would I actually walk up to somebody and say this to them if they were in front of me?

If the answer is no then you probably shouldn’t post it because it’s probably not going to have the results that you want.

If you would not want walk up to somebody to be like “hey you pull out your phone and tell me how we met in a gif”. Probably not so much, but you may sit down with your friends at coffee and be like “oh my gosh look at this ridiculous meme”, and then you guys have like a meme thing where you’re like here’s a meme, here’s a meme, here’s a meme my gosh that’s so funny I remember that, but it’s thematic and it goes in a certain trajectory  you’ll start with a meme about that kid going you got this and then before you know it it’s like the Morpheus one because everybody’s morphing in a direction.

Just ask yourself, is this something I would talk about hanging out with my girlfriends?


If the  answer is no then chances are it’s not going to get much traction in your group either.

That is Facebook sort of in a nutshell is there is a lot out there about can read tons of books there’s tons of articles, there’s a lot out there if you want to learn about it. On the business strategy group I try to provide as much as I can in terms of updates and things like that.

Before I finish I just want to do one last thing, and the last thing I want to do is I want to tell you, and this is something thought of today which is that when you are thinking about Facebook changes it’s important to recognize the difference between Facebook between unintended consequences and actual intent what I mean by that is that a lot of times we will see things happening in Facebook and people will freak out because they think that Facebook is changing something major

“oh my gosh this is terrible something horrible has happened”

Sometimes it’s really just an unintended consequence. For example when they first did the huge code drop in February and everybody got thrown into jail for like 2 weeks everybody was in jail it was ridiculous everybody was getting really angry I was in jail once and i was mad, everybody was asking what does this mean. It was a big problem

Now you know that that wasn’t intended. Basically they were changing one line of code they dropped a million lines of code and there were unintended consequences when they mass released. I have been apart of software releases for teeny tiny little companies, for Gigantic conglomerates, I’ve been parts of tons of software beta testing .

I have never once in my life had software drop, or code change where it didn’t have some sort of terrible unintended consequence and people were mad about the unintended consequence.The good news is that if something is unintended consequences that it’ll be fixed. If something is intentional then we need to figure out a way to work around it.

So I’m apart of a lot of Mastermind groups, so if you are curious about or if something has happened or there’s a feature and your like “oh my gosh what is happening right now?” just send me an email to and I can check into it for you and just let you know.


We have tns of resources on the business strategy group.


Amber is there, we’re all part of a lot of Facebook admin groups so that we can learn about these things and help you so if there’s something you’re concerned about don’t worry about it it’s totally fine, just let u know that you’re concerned about something and we’ll see if we can find out   

If its unintended or if its a permanent change so we can figure out how to make that change work in our business.

I think that should really help with the fear factor that comes with Facebook, because not all of the changes are bad, and not all of the changes are permanent some of them are accidental, so it’s good to know that so you  can be like “oh, no need to worry about that, it’s fine it’s going to go away, I just need to deal with it for the next couple of weeks” I just wanted to make sure I said that its completely unrelated, but it was just something that I thought of as I was talking.

If you were interested in keeping up to date with social media news or your Twitter person you can follow me on Twitter @directtosuccess

You can also follow me on Instagram, I do a lot of my philosophical posts on Instagram my Deep Thoughts with Minessa is on Instagram, and then for additional information, blog posts, podcast, things like that you can go to

If you’re looking for community building, in terms of just business building or a place you can go to ask business questions you can join the business strategy group that’s also up there.

My goal is to help you guys with Facebook and help to find help you find your place in Facebook with your business.

Okay so for the last 5 minutes I’m going to take a look at some of these comments.

Kathy I’m sorry if it took you forever to find this let’s chat afterwards because this is my first time doing it exactly like this. So I can figure out what was difficult about it, so I can make sure to mitigate it for next time. This is a learning process

Kim said is seeng ads in her messages now, not just her feed, yes that is an option.

I forgot to announce to you the Facebook ads course is coming

I’m super excited, I’m actually this close to finishing the first module so it should be available in the next 2 weeks so that those of you who cannot attend any of my local trainings can just go and get it online

Okay so do you know if Facebook look at these conversations between relay retail and customer groups and business Pages or just our personal Pages?

Facebook looks at all your interactions in general so if you have a conversation happening in your group like where a lot of people converse then it’s like clearly people are interested in this its really trying to make sure its showing people things they are interested in. Think of yourself.

The reason i said take off  your retailer hat for a second was because as a retailer you don’t mind so much if you see all the Lularoe stuff, or all of the sale stuff , Lularoe , Sensi or whatever it is in your feed, but if you were not selling anything at all, if you didn’t have your own online business and all you saw in your feed was sales so you couldn’t find out that your friend Julia was pregnant because it was buried under days and days of posts you’d be kind of annoyed.

That’s really sort of just something to think about is people’s feeds and what those look like.

So as long as people are conversing right and they’re engaged Facebook and Facebook is going to assume that this is something that is interesting to people and because we all know what have look alikes that can be like oh i wonder if these people would be interested in it and it can sor of test this out.

Okay so Katie Paul has a question about Facebook comment and interaction I’m going to do a training on that that’s out of scope of this training but I will definitely have to come back to that Katie if I can make a note about it

Becky says I should be eating Ben & Jerry’s Becky so wrong man so Ron Haagen-Dazs is where it’s at my heart is with Haagen-Dazs but you know what here’s the thing I’m a big believer that ice cream is greater than everything in this world so as long as we’re all eating ice cream right.

How can you organically grow your Facebook group and Page Christina that’s amazing that question, I will come back that is going to be another training also I actually have that already started up there’s a lot of these things that I’m actually putting trainings together for.

If you want to know about my training definitely follow me on Twitter because I announce them on Twitter and then I also put some of the business strategy group.Twitter’s just a great way to keep up with the news and things like that but I will also post it on the direct to success business page.

How do you like pages from your business page? I can do a small training video on that one.

This is great this is a great question Joe so will it show in the group that you’re live and when you’re live on your page? It does show that your live, but it doesn’t give anyone an extra notification. You have to set a reminder. Before i went live it gave you an option to set a reminder. I would change your group name and post it to your group for now.

If I’m making events for sales do i make it with my business page or group or both ?

I like to make the event with my business page and then share it into my group

I can then take that event and advertise it later if I want to I have more options available to me on the business page.

Yes Aaron is correct, business pages were meant as a sales platform or a way of bringing in sales, but in marketing and advertising you don’t want to have it bombarded with sales. The general rule of thumb is 2-1. So 2 authentic community building posts for every sales post. You can use it just for just selling things, but you will find you will lose likes. People don’t want to be sold to all the time.

Aaron:“I wish I had 222 viewers on my live sales”

I’m going touse this as an example. I have stuff I sell, I have courses and trainings. But I’m not selling any of them to you right now. I am giving you value right now, and all of you came. None of you came because I said I want to sell something to you and probably wouldn’t have.  I don’t want to sell anything to you today. I have stuff you can buy, I’m starting a premium group, and you can buy all that stuff. But that’s not the purpose of this. The purpose of this is for me to help you and educate you. The same thing holds true for your sales. I have worked hard to build my reputation as someone you can trust for information. You can build that same reputation as a “subject matter” expert, and you will attract people based on the value you are offering them. Then they will buy from you, but first you have to give them lots and lots of value.

If you’re giving away leggings for free what are they gonna get if they pay you? They start to feel like there’s value here. They start to feel that they’re not just money in your pocket. That you care about them. I care about you guys. That’s why I do this. I want you to be successful more than anything. My whole mission in life is to for other retailers to be successful. I’m doing this just to help.

You can do the same thing on your pages . Everybody has a skill set they can help with. If you do that on your groups and pages and provide that kind of vulnerable authenticity, and for some of you the value maybe that your offering people a safe place to go.I suffer from really bad depression, and when i was at my worst having a community to go to just be depressed and have them like “ this is just a phase’ and having people just to have people that understood was so meaningful to me, it was never about buying stuff it was always just about having a place to go where I had a community. When you have a community like that people don’t want it to go away. When you build a community where someone feels that they belong, they will guard it forever. If that means that they need to buy from you to keep you in business because they know that you are able to fund your community by selling clothes, they will buy from you. That’s why authenticity  and building true relationships and community is important because people support people they love. People support people they know that they can trust and that they want to be apart of their community. So that’s what authentic engagement and being human does for you.

Forgive my plug, Jessica go to add primer, its up in the comments, it’s a free 5 day course that will walk you through Facebook advertising and at the end of it you will have the option to buy the course to have some hands on training.


How do you put ads into messenger?

You can find it in your ads placement section in your ads manager

The training online, each module will cost $30 but you’ll have the option to get a % discount if you buy it within a certain amount of time, after finishing the ad primer. The only reason the in person training is more expensive is because its all 5 modules together, its a full day of training and there’s travel involved. Which is why i wanted to do the online one, it’s more affordable, its better for those of you who can’t get to my trainings but still want to learn. i felt it would be unfair to just do them in person and its unfair they can’t get it just because i don’t want to travel that far because my body is broken from traveling and i needed a little bit of a break so I was like well “I’m going to find a way to get it to them, so that’s what i did”.

Meagan, I will talk more about building a community in a separate training

Kristen, Yes you definitely want to link your business page in your group.

Facebook gives you tools, and if you use them it likes it. It’s not above self promotion. If you use a tool that Facebook gives you, you are rewarded. When they first launch new tools there’s always problems, but once they get the tool going it’s fine.

Margarita is there a way to revive a VIP group?

Yes there is, one of my trainings will be on revinging a VIP group. It’s better to revive a VIP group than start a new one.

So that we don’t hurt people’s groups Is it better to leave a group or unfollow?

It’s better to leave the groups than unfollow

I have another free tool coming out. Its going to be a list of words facebook doesn’t like. Words like “sale, sold, free, lose weight now, massive physical changes in short amount of time” things that maybe make promises that they cant deliver or things that are obviously really salesy.


Andrea, You have the option to allocate people into certain group lists, so I can say “John fiero” is my “friend” “Tammy” is my friend “Saira Valley” is my family “Tracy” is an acquaintance and I don’t want “Julie” to see any of my posts. Then when you make posts you decide who you are showing them to. So let’s say you have friends you met in your VIP group, you can put them in a separate list called “VIP friends” and make posts specific to them. It helps you curate your feed so only specific people can see specific posts.


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