Content Creation with my Secret Weapon: Twitter

Writing posts is one of the most challenging aspects of being a marketer, and for some people content creation is a nightmare. Even if you’re a good writer coming up with things to talk about is an agonizing process. A few months ago I came up with a system though that has kept me rolling in so much content every day that I have to leave some of it out! And it all started with Twitter.

I’ll be transparent, generally speaking, I’m not big into twitter. My account currently has some original tweets, mostly about The Expanse (#screamingfirehawk for life!) and every other post is from someone else that I shared. The reason I do this is because Twitter is a part of my forever-content-generation-system (this is why I’m not allowed to name things).

It saves me hours of time every day and once you implement it, this system will make your content troubles a thing of the past. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s eternal. Oh, and also, its free.

First, the basics – what is twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform where people communicate in short messages of 280 characters called tweets. If you follow someone, you see their tweets in your newsfeed, and your followers see what you tweet in theirs.

How do companies and influencers use it?

Bloggers, influencers, and companies all use twitter to share upcoming launches, events, hot topics, trends, or breaking news to their followers.

Content Creation - Breaking News

How I use it

I use it differently. I use the platform to gather ideas for my useful and relatable content on social media. I use it to see what those companies and influencers are posting. I follow the key players in my industry – social media, mindfulness, and business strategists. That helps me with useful content. I also follow a bunch of bands, movies, magazines, tv shows and actors. Which helps with relatable content.

I don’t follow any politics, religion, or any accounts that do not feed me information. That’s for my mental health. No friends or family members either. To eliminate clutter. I ruthlessly curate this list. If you add in too much additional content, then it becomes an ineffective tool. If you do use Twitter regularly, I recommend a second account for this purpose. Do not combine accounts with different goals. 

Writing Posts - No Drama

My Process

Step 1: Gather Content

  1. Each morning I scroll through my Twitter feed. I’m going to use what I find here to create content later.
  2. I retweet anything that looks like it would be good for a post that day or that week. I’ve worked up to 8-9 posts/day on Facebook, so I need enough content for those posts. Some days I’ll see 20 tweets that would make good posts. Sometimes I only see 3 or 4. Those are the dark days. I retweet them all.
  3. I have 2 hours of uninterrupted time that I spend on social media content creation 3x/ week. That’s when I look at my retweets in more detail.

Step 2: Writing Posts

Then I create my own content inspired by those tweets.

  1. Some I just take a quote or a line from the article and run with it to write my own content. In that case I use my own graphic, I don’t link back but I do credit the original author and publisher if available.
  2. For others I write a little takeaway line or two and link back to the original post, which automatically includes their artwork and attribution.

Stopping is as Important as Starting

I stop when I feel fatigued. I have 2 hours scheduled, but I pay attention to my brain, my mind, and my body. When I start to get tired, I stop. My work after that point will be shit anyway, it’s not worth the effort. I can take 15 minutes, freshen up, and then go work on another project. I use a system that makes it so that I’m never rushed to get posts up. I’m usually a day or two ahead, so I can stop when I’m ready.

How long it takes

These numbers are flexible. The less posts you need to write and the more you curate your twitter feed, the less time it will take.

  • This takes me about 15-20 minutes twitter searching time
  • An hour to 90 minutes on content creation and scheduling them out.

Create your Own Content Creation System

Step 1: is to set up your Twitter account. If you already have one, please create a second one for this purpose. If you don’t, then you can follow these instructions. (Here’s a video if you prefer that)

Step 2: Make a list of as many people as you can think of who are leaders in your industry. Any magazines or blogs, influencers, websites and so on. When you’re done with that list, make another list of all your hobbies, TV shows you watch, activities you enjoy, things you like to talk about. Make the longest list you ever made. It might take you a while.

Step 3:  Watch this video about how to use Twitter to generate constant content. It’s a video walk-through of what I explained above and shows you step by step what the screens look like. I also show you how I take a tweet and turn it into a post.

That’s it. The next step is to mark time out in your planner for reading your tweets and scheduling your posts in your business plan. Don’t forget to use your planner to make sure you do this regularly, and before you know it, you’ll have been posting consistently for months!

Let me know what you think!

Did you know you can comment as your Business Page or yourself? When you do, it will automatically put your comment in your feed as a post! A quick and easy way to get content for your audience.