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I’m pretty confident I won’t be able to post every day forever, but since I’m just starting out, it seems like there’s enough activity to warrant an update. Keep an eye out for my step by step guide on creating my Target Audience! Before we get there though, over the weekend I had to deal with a whole different issue. Which means you probably will as well. It all started when I went to create my business page…..

Totally Normal DogFirst, A Name!

I decided to get going on setting up the business page for my new business. At this point though, I still had no name. I went over a few options, various iterations of names, but nothing really struck at me. I felt meh about the entire thing and contemplated stopping before I even started.

Naming a business is TOUGH.

We finally settled on Totally Normal Dog. That’s what we call Luna, cause some of the stuff she does…. Well, it makes you wonder (case in point, check out this video!).

Setting up The Shop

Once I picked a name, I just needed to get the business page set up. I did that following the instructions included in the Facebook Ad Primer and was feeling pretty good about myself.

This isn’t so hard! I got this.

Then I went to add my shop to the business page.

Since I’m a catalog-based business, it’s in my best interest to have as many products as I can have listed in the shop section of Facebook. This will allow me to tag items in relationship, conversation posts, Instagram, or Facebook Lives without it being too obvious. If you are a catalog-based direct sales business, or run your own product-based business, you want to add as many of your products as you can to your business page. You can learn how to set up your shop at Ecommerce Platforms add products here.

The Problem I ran Into

Facebook ShopThe problem I was having though, was that the system insisted that I enter in all my payment information, as if I was going to use the Facebook payment gateway. As a direct seller, PawTree already has a cart and checkout system created, so I won’t be using Facebook in this way. I’ll just be creating a passthrough, so people see the product on my page, they click on the product, and then it takes them to the PawTree website to add the item to cart and then check out. (This is how most direct sellers will use this function.)

But if you enter in all the information Facebook asks for, the shop defaults to the Facebook payment gateway, and you can’t add in a secondary link.

The Solution

I tried for a while, and if it had just been me, I would have stopped. But I spend my whole life on Facebook and if I’m struggling so much with this problem, then you may be as well.

After much trial and error, I finally managed to resolve the issue. You can find my how-to video below. If you have trouble following the video instructions due to your screen not looking like mine or having the same options, you have try the following:

  • Click on the “Shop” tab on the left (I only know how to do this on a desktop)
  • Click on the gear on the right-hand side and delete the shop
  • If you don’t have a gear, then be sure to update your shop information in the shop section, fill out everything Facebook wants
  • Then go back to the shop section and the gear should be there, allowing you to delete your shop. Then follow the instructions in the video below.

Dr. Facebook!

Action Item

If you haven’t already, take a few hours and spend them setting up your business page. Its a crucial component of a healthy and balanced marketing strategy, and without it, you’re leaving money on the table, and no one wants to do that!

Social Strategy Squad Bonus: Remember earlier when I talked about using your products on your business page to sell strategically? Head over to the Social Strategy Squad to learn more about how to be less salesy while still creating an environment where people want to buy.


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