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Want a FREE expert review of your business page?It’s easy!• Step 1: Fill out this form and submit your Facebook Business page link (• Step 2: Join me FRIDAY, September 13th at noon EST LIVE! on the Direct to Success business page for non stop expert advice on how to turn your business page into a marketing machine! (Click on “Get Reminder” to be notified when I get started)I’ll go through as many submissions as I can, it’s going to be a marathon event. I’ll tell you where you’re going wrong and give you a couple of immediate changes you can make to boost your visibility and sales in no time!

Posted by Direct to Success on Monday, September 9, 2019

Watch the Replay!

For my Fall 2019 launch of the Roadmap to Success, I broadcast a marathon live where I reviewed business pages submitted by YOU!! We had so many submissions, we went through as many as we could. You can watch the replay above. Even if yours wasn’t reviewed, I recommend watching this video since most business owners make the same mistakes. Below you’ll find a list of the resources I mention during this live. I am only doing this publicly for the launch, but we have business page and Instagram reviews every Monday in the Social Strategy Squad. Included in your membership fee of $14.99 a month.

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The Roadmap to Success is a comprehensive step-by-step, coach guided, bootcamp. You’ll learn how to write content that converts, create video that doesn’t take 100 years to make, and create a system to generate customers and engagement as part of a long term growth plan. The goal is to get more done, make more money by doing less “things” in general, but more “things” that actually work.

Roadmap to Succe

And don’t forget, that the Social Strategy Squad is open year round! Expert coaching on finance, business, growth, and marketing for business owners like you for $14.99/month – cancel anytime.

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