Should I boost my Facebook Posts?

We’ve all seen this button. The button telling you that boosting posts is the way to go. It shows up every time you post something amazing on your business page. Facebook tells you that if you hit that button that your post be seen by more, get more likes and more engagement for JUST $10! All you have to do is CLICK THE BUTTON!

If you’re like me, you can’t resist the lure of more likes, more engagement, more attention for your post. So, you click it reasoning that you’ll just spend a few bucks – not much.  If it doesn’t work, no harm done.

You won’t feel the pain as much with so little money being invested,right?

But at the same time you secretly hope that this is the post that changes everything. Your viral post. Or at the very least, the post that gets more sales.

Here’s the problem with boosting posts. Most of the time, it doesn’t accomplish the goal. And, after boosting a half a dozen or so posts and watching a lot of hard earned money go down the drain, you’re kind of over it. At this point you feel like Facebook Ads may just not work, or they don’t work for you. In either case you’re over it.

Don’t give up on them yet! There’s a reason why you don’t see results using boosts! So before you throw in the towel on this very powerful tool let’s examine why boosted posts don’t deliver the way you would hope, and how using the Ads Manager can help with that.

Why Doesn’t Boosting Posts Work?

Boosted posts consistently underdeliver because as alluring and easy to press as the boost button is, it’s mostly fluff with very little substance behind it. Sure, you can make an ad, but the tools that will allow you to create and market a successful ad simply aren’t present.

What tools do you need for an ad to work?


A defined audience created using the ad manager in Facebook has more complexity than the partial features that the boost button allows for. When creating an audience in the Ads Manager, you can refine your targets by very detailed characteristics. This lets you deliver specific solutions to targeted people, instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. 


Why are you boosting your post? Regardless of whether you’re boosting a post so that you can advertise a pop-up party, launch, or an open house, Facebook always optimizes the page boosted posts for an engagement objective. This means that even if you want someone to come to your VIP group to shop, boosted posts still only optimize it for engagement, not for sales. The Ad Manager provides significantly more control over your ad campaign objectives.


Let’s say that most of your customers visit your page and group from their phones. When you boost a post using the boost button, you can’t designate where your ad gets shown. Facebook determines which platforms to show your post on and when. But if you happen to know that all your particular visitors are online between 8pm-10pm at night, and they all use mobile phones, then you probably wouldn’t want to be spending money to have your boosted post shown on other devices and at other times. The Ad Manager will let you select when and where your boosted posts are shown.


What is your thought process behind marketing? When you think about how an ad turns into sales, it usually starts with something like, “I want more people to see my post.”. The thought process is: more people see the post, so there’ll be more engagement, and consequently more sales. Unfortunately, that’s the philosophy that spends money fast and for little return.

Moving someone from stranger who clicks on your ad to shopper is a process that covers several steps. First they need to become aware of your business, then you need to make them feel like they need your product, that it’s valuable to them. Then you need to overcome their objections. Finally, you need a clear path from stranger to shopper mapped out in your ads, business page, website, etc. It should be a simple process from start to finish.

When you boost a post, you don’t have any of that control, so the most likely outcome is people see your post, give it a like and move on. 

How you can advertise effectively

The best way for you to maximize the potential of your advertising dollar is to start by creating an ad meant to attract people who have never heard of your brand to your shop to learn more. The goal is to ignite their curiosity. That starts by using the Reach objective in the Ads Manager. 

  • Create a detailed target audience
  • Determine placement, timing, and delivery carefully, and make use of those options.
  • Choose your objective specifically to match the objective of the post.

In a nutshell, you want to avoid using that Boost button if you’re trying to grow your income Instead, design an ad to introduce specific markets to your brand, and nurture them to conversion.

Need some help?

Not sure how to do that? No problem. You can start by checking out the Facebook Ad Primer, which will get you started on advertising basics, including terminology, where to find everything, and get you oriented. Or, if you’re ready to make your first ad now, and want to dive right in, start with Facebook Ads Without Tears, a quick course I designed for busy business owners like you. I’ll walk you through every step of creating your first ad in just 5 days!


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