Lets start by saying this, it is 100% true, this weekend is the start of a shopping extravaganza. But with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday its important to consider a few things about your audience.

  1. This is a weekend to be with family. Many of your customers have people visiting from far away, and it’s the only time of the year everyone gets together.
  2. Many people are looking for major savings on big ticket items like TVs and PlayStations. (I was going to say VCRs, but who has those things anymore). They appreciate the discounts on your items, but they’re looking for hundreds of dollars in savings.
  3. Black Friday is a day a lot of people just stay home and hide.
  4. Small Business Saturday has people engaging for sure, and buying, but once again, with people’s families leaving tomorrow to go back home, they are probably enjoying their last minutes together.

So should we even try?

No, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even try. A lot of people see success on this day, but it’s not a 100% sure thing that you can count on just because it’s a day of shopping. Many of you, you’ve been building your community for a while. You may already know that your group isn’t going to be shopping, so you took the weekend off! Others  may have a group that spent a ton of money on Friday! Yay! But now they’re spent, they’re done, and they aren’t spending more money.

Suggestion: Try shaking up your keywords to tap into a segment of your target audience that you may not have yet with your language and see if you can resurrect a few people who may not have seen your earlier posts

Some have been struggling with getting engagement up. Either because you just joined us and are starting to figure out how to attract your target audience. Or you’re still learning about storytelling. Or you haven’t had a chance to go through the Engagement Troubleshooting Roadmap available in the Social Strategy Squad to identify where your roadblocks are you so you can mitigate them.

Troubleshooting Sales

For those of you struggling with sales, I want to encourage you to take a look at the Troubleshooting Sales Roadmap located in the Squad Academy online. I would recommend against taking any extreme action like throwing money behind a quickly created ad in the hopes of securing new eyes on your product. This will work only if you already have language ready that will convert people to shoppers through your ad. Otherwise you’re likely to see a lot of engagement (because that’s what you pay for), but not a lot of sales. If you feel like you’re ready to throw an ad out there, then by all means, have at it! If the pain point is price, the audience is known, and you know what to say to convert them, then definitely throw money behind it.

How to make this weekend a win no matter what

In the long run though, its important to keep the most important tenet of business in mind. Even taking these kinds of special sales days into consideration, running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Some of you are messaging me and posting completely over the moon with how successful this weekend has been already.  But I know there are many of you who are struggling. Regardless of which experience you are having, the BEST way for you to make the most out of this weekend is to make sure you are examining your activities this weekend with a critical problem solving eye.

Questions to Ask

  • What did I do this weekend for sales?
  • How did I market it? Did I use marketing principles?
  • What worked? Why did it work? How did it appeal to my target audience and entice them to convert?
  • What didn’t work? (Use the roadmaps to figure out why it didn’t work)
  • How can I make changes to my strategy in the future? With the goal being to test out a different tactic to facilitate a different outcome?
  • What steps can I take today that will put me on the right path for the results I’m looking for?
  • What language am I using to describe my experience this weekend that is self defeating? For example: there’s no results, nothing is working, my weekend sucked, no one’s shopping, my sales are a failure, everything is dead, no one’s engaging, etc. Those are all important acknowledgements, for sure! You can’t problem solve without knowing the problem. How can you re-frame those perspectives to position yourself to solve the problems you’re facing in your business rather than to reinforce a feeling of defeat.
  • Was I divided in my attentions? For example, trying to sell AND trying to be with family? I may have had more luck just picking one?

In Closing

These are all crucial steps towards building a stronger business. I am not the sort of person who rah rahs just for the sake of rah rahing, that annoys me. But I do believe that in order to succeed in any business, it’s important to recognize the destructive and unhealthy thought patterns that lead to it atrophying rather than growing.

Once we address the actual issues, it becomes much easier for us to realize that we have AGENCY in our own businesses, and we can identify our own pain points and resolve them.

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