I remember the first time I saw a live stream that had the same look and feel of a television show. In my memory it looked like the most pro stream I’d ever seen. In retrospect, it probably looked more like one of those very colorful 1998 GeoCities websites – Cool at the time, but hopelessly dated a few hours later.

Geocities Website Example - Captain Marvel

Technology moves fast, and it wasn’t long before I started to see pro level streaming coming from kids playing Fortnite in their basements, and then a few months later from their mothers selling dresses from living rooms. The video revolution on social media had begun, and if I didn’t want to get left behind, I needed to jump on that train.

Boost Your Ratings

Standing out

The thing is, live video has a low barrier to entry. Anyone can grab a phone, hit the live button and start talking. They can, and they should. Audiences find raw video streaming appealing because of how real it feels – unscripted and authentic.

But as with any new social media toy, eventually raw streaming makes every video look the same and distinguishing yourself from your competition means putting in a little extra flair to your live content.

Why I use Be.Live

Using live streaming in your business opens up many opportunities for you to demonstrate the value of your products or services to your audience. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience. You can create any type of live video you want:

  • Ask a (Your profession)
  • Sale videos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Interviews
  • Demonstrations & How-to
  • Introduce new products

The main reason to use software like Be.Live is because when you have a fluctuating audience a lot of time is wasted on repeating information you’ve already shared. This makes the stream repetitive and boring for viewers who join at the beginning and confusing for viewers who join in the middle. It’s also frustrating to have to repeat yourself multiple times in an hour.

Additionally, production studio software allows you to put a lot of information on the screen, making streams visually interesting.

My favourite feature is the extremely simple and easy interface to schedule live streams long in advance so that you can market them directly to your audience.

How to use Be.Live in your business

To sign up for a Be.Live account, head over to my super special discount page and sign up for a free trial for any one of their 3 subscription types. Once you’ve signed up, you can start using the software right away. (Use the code SUCCESS for a 20% discount off their regular plans!)

Starting a Live Stream

To add your overlay you can login to the Be.Live Site and click on Start Broadcast in the top right hand side.

Once you’ve logged in, click on “Set Destination

This will open up a small sub window where you can set your destination and name your stream. Now you’re ready to go! If you wanted to go live right now, then at this point you can click on “Start” and you’ll be streaming!

Schedule a Live Event in Advance

If you wanted to schedule your live event in advance, and get everything ready, you can start your live stream the same way. This time though, you will click on the little clock icon next to the Facebook logo. When you click that, it will open up a new section of the window.

Click in the box that says “When to Schedule the Stream?” and select the date and time for your stream. You can also add a cover photo to your scheduled post to make it more eye catching. This is what my scheduled post looks like in BeLive when I’m done creating it. Click Save.

When you’re done scheduling your stream. You can head over to the destination to see what it looks like in the group. You’ll notice a very cool feature is the “Get Reminder” button. Your audience will be notified before you go live so they can get ready, and then when you go live, it will pop up right on their screens.

How to actually go live in a scheduled Be.Live

To go live in your event, head back over to Be.Live no less than 10 minutes before your live is scheduled to start. It will be a blank slate to start, as if you haven’t scheduled anything. Click on Set Destination like you did before, to open up the drop down menu. Once you select Facebook, click on the little clock icon again.

You’ll see the live you previously scheduled in the drop down. Select that live and click Save. When you do that, the screen will update to your scheduled stream, and you can click Start and go live!

Use an Overlay

There are many different ways to use an overlay to telegraph information to your audience. You can include closeups of your product, details about fit and size, purchasing instructions, and shipping information on the screen. You can focus your attention on building relationships with your viewers rather than rattling of details. Once you’ve set up your live stream, go down to the “Edit Appearance” icon on the bottom left of your toolbar.

When you click on that icon, a small window will appear that gives you the option to modify your branding including:

  • Theme
  • Logo
  • Overlay
  • Background

For this how-to, you will click on the Overlay tab, which will show you a screen looking like this. You’ll notice that I have multiple overlays in my library.

You can upload your overlays using the + Add Overlay text on the bottom, or you can select from one of the template overlays that Be.Live provides. Click on “Apply” and you’re done, the change is instant!

Which Version I use and Why

There are plenty of ways in which you can use Be.Live. Once you sign up, (Don’t forget to claim your 20% discount with the code SUCCESS) you receive immediate access to a support group to help you figure out the best way to use Be.Live in your business. The Social Strategy Squad also contains an entire section of video training to demonstrate how to use each feature, specifically focusing on how they will help online sellers.


This version is great to test out, and allows you to stream 20 minutes 2x/week. It’s great to test out, but won’t provide you with enough flexibility to see the benefits I talk about in this article.


For most users, this version will work just fine. It’s budget friendly, allows you to schedule in advance and customize the interface to your brand.

  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Use your custom logo and branding
  • 16 broadcasts each month
  • Support responses within 24 hours during business days

Standard (this is the version I use)

I go live once a day in my paid coaching group and once a week on the Direct to Success business page. I also host a number of other lives throughout the month making the 16 broadcast limit of the Lite version impractical for me. I don’t like to budget my lives!

  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Use your custom logo and branding
  • Unlimited broadcasts each month
  • Support responses within 4 hours during business hours, 7 days a week


  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Use your custom logo and branding
  • Unlimited broadcasts each month
  • Support responses within 4 hours during business hours, 7 days a week including phone support
  • Custom formats and graphics

The best part of using Be.Live for me is that it helps to keep me organized. I can schedule my lives in advance and provide a number of visual cues to keep the live streams interesting for my audience. Stopping the scroll is critical in live streaming since most people will scroll on by anything that looks the same as what they’re seeing already. By adding production overlays, my live videos stand out, which makes it more likely that people will stop and check out what’s going on. And more viewers = more better

If you’re not into live and want to cut your teeth on something a little less intense. Pre-made social videos are a great place to start!

Are you using Live video right now? If not, is there anything I can help you with to get started?