I’ve helped thousands of struggling businesses out of the red, and my specialty is identifying problem points and working with entrepreneurs to plug the holes creating them. To see if we’re a good fit, check out this list below. Which one of these (or a combination of them) sound like you?

  • You’re selling but not making as much as you want, numbers are slowly dropping, and you’re struggling with customer acquisition.
  • You aren’t making money, you have no time, and you’re not sure what to do, or where to start.
  • Your customers love you; your group is hopping but no one’s shopping.

In the meantime, you’re also balancing learning about Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, funnels, marketing, financials, and a million other things that never make it onto a list, but always take up time. There is no work/life balance – there’s just work.

If this sounds like you, then keep on reading on!

The Problems:

No matter how you identified yourself, there are 3 key factors influencing your business’s overall health:

Prioritization & Planning: You planned a lot when you started your business, and just like me, once the train left the station, there wasn’t time. Your focus shifted towards a never-ending stream of urgencies, creating a cascade of issues that won’t show their impact to your business for months.

Social Media: Social Media is a powerful business tool when used appropriately, but a soul sucking time sink when it’s used to sell. I’ll show you where the special switches are to get people talking so it’s not such a chore (because now it works!)

Taking Action: It’s scary AF to do something new, which is why you have a folder full of half written emails and unpublished blog posts. Sticking with what you know even when it’s not working is the kiss of death for business because it gives you the illusion of working, when you’re treading water. For any strategy to work, you’ll need to commit to taking action, even when it’s uncomfortable (and it will be).

The Solution:

These problems require a holistic solution. My approach combines the practice of mindfulness and the science of Kaizen (as implemented by Toyota since the 1950s and used by Fortune 100 companies, world governments, small businesses, and academic centers) to create an implementation strategy designed to help you grow.

See It: Identify the pain points in your business using analytics, metrics, and historical data. You’ll learn how to use KPIs for all aspects of your business including financial and time management, marketing, social media, and sales.

Plan It: With the information you learn during the See It phase; we’ll create an implementation strategy to roll out changes and monitor success.

Do It: Learning is the fun part. This is where you stop learning and start doing. We use the tools of neuropsychology to help you build a bridge and walk across that paralytic moment between “should I do this” and “HOLY SHIT! I DID IT!”

My Totally Pro Bio

Minessa Konecky is a transformation coach, writer, founder of the Social Strategy Squad, co-host of the Friends in our Phone podcast, and creator of the Roadmap to SuccessTM bootcamp. She spent the last several years helping female entrepreneurs successfully integrate business into their lives without letting it take over entirely. Her mission is to empower businesswomen to design and live the life they want to right now by using an effective blend of mindfulness, neuropsychology, social media know-how, and a f**kton of 80s and 90s pop culture analogies.

A New Englander who prefers to drink iced tea from supes fancy glasses, she lives next to a cemetery with her 3 dogs and husband, where she enjoys morning walks, meditating, and binge watching post-apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy TV shows.