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For 20 years I’ve translated boring, dry, and complicated technical trainings into fun, relatable, and engaging seminars, lectures, and workshops. I started working online when flashing GIFS were the new hotness and built my signature program on the intersection of mindfulness, business development, self-care, and growth. I believe that building a business is hard & time consuming, but you don’t have to mortgage your life to make it work.

Who am I?

Anyone not in direct sales usually turns their nose up at the mere mention of the word. They think, “These companies are full of spammy people who send out 100s of the same message to people they haven’t talked to in 20 years. Who wants to be that person?  Plus, the corporations are just taking advantage of poor, foolish people who don’t know any better, and how can anyone support that?”

Not me. I can’t support that. But I don’t believe that the sales model is the problem, it’s the training and education provided that is the issue.

At their core, no one wants to be the person their friends run away from because all they hear about is how amazing their life is now that they joined a new direct sales company, how the product has changed their life, and how you simply must host a party to be able to take advantage of all the awesome hostess rewards and also change your life.

With Direct to Success I turn that concept up on its end by transforming the way that we approach direct sales. Instead of relying on your friends and family to be your customers, let’s build a business the way you would if you were a mom and pop in your local town. The right way. By attracting people to your store based on the problems you solve for them, not your desire to grow a team.

Direct sales are a magnificent way for women (and men!) who need to be at home for whatever reason to add some income to the household. But not if they follow the sell to your friends and family plan! I give you an alternative option – one that feels less icky and sets you up for long term success.

What I can Talk About

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Turning Busy into Productive

I used to think that if I was busy, I was working. People always saw me with my head in my computer, typing away. I was working so hard, I became a meme of my own making. I always felt so proud when people said, “Oh there she is, working again!Then one day I realized I had worked my life away, and for the most part, I didn’t need to do a lot of it. I was keeping myself busy – I wasn’t maximizing my efficiency, so I focused on how much time I was spending on projects rather than how efficiently I was running them. That realization was a complete game changer. I bring the tools that I used to go from working 90-hour work weeks to having time to binge watch The Expanse on the weekends to my audience to help them understand that a) they don’t have to do it all and b) they can do what they need to and have time for themselves.

Redrawing your Success Roadmap

This is my signature talk which helps women to deconstruct how our definitions of success are influenced by society, media, and archaic stereotypes. Together we deconstruct that programming, and start on a journey of understanding what makes us truly happy, and how we can employ the tools of mindfulness to redefine success, not as a single destination, but as a series of milestones that act first as a foundation, and then as stepping stones to further achievements

Using Psychology to build your Business

One of my fundamental beliefs is that you can’t sell anything to anyone. People can only choose to buy. Which means that if you’re going to move product, you need to know why people buy your product. It’s not about what works best for Jackie down the street, it’s what will work best for you, in your business, with your product, your community. My approach is about knowing your customer and their needs well enough, so that they can’t wait to buy from you, instead of feeling like you’re playing a never ending (and seemingly impossible to win) game of catch.

Facebook Algorithm

My big a-ha moment happened when I realized that Facebook is just a software platform that’s trying to mimic the real-world relationships using algorithms. Once I appreciated that, my entire relationship with the platform changed, and I realized that the only way to get ahead in social media is not to fight the algorithms, but to understand their psychological purpose, and lean into those. You always move faster going with the current than against it.


Social media is evolving, and businesses need to embrace social storytelling to stand out from the crowd. I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old, and in the last decade have become passionate about writing to develop and strengthen relationships with others. Storytelling is the currency of relationships, but telling a story in social media, that’s tough. I can help entrepreneurs understand the how to use social storytelling to build true relationships with their brand, turning them into raving fans.

My Totally Pro Bio

Minessa Konecky is a Boston-based entrepreneur as well as a business and social media strategist who specializes in using storytelling to attract customers organically.

She helps home based business owners though a variety of online programs and content, including Creativity is King, Dr. Facebook, and her premium coaching group – the Social Strategy Squad – which she set up so that small, home based businesses could hire a business coach just for them, without paying business coach prices. She has transformed several businesses with her signature program, Roadmap to Success.

Minessa brings her 20+ years of experience in community building, new media, and professional development to help business owners build their businesses with a strong foundation in consumer motivations and mindfulness, so that their businesses work all the time, but they don’t have to.