7 Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page

You’ve started a new business! Congratulations! You have that feeling in your stomach that’s part excitement and part “Oh Shit!” but you’re loving every minute of it. You’ve got your idea and its filling you with fire. This business is going to be a success! Now its time for you to get your brand name out there so you can start growing your customer list. Social media is an essential part of every businesses marketing plan, and Facebook provides you with the ability to strategically access your potential customer base.

Grow Brand Awareness

Even though organic reach has declined significantly over the last year, it isn’t gone completely. And there are still ways to grow your audience using sponsored content. Facebook evens the playing field for smaller businesses, making it easier for them to find their exact customer using advanced targeting.

Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Social media users get bored quickly and there’s always something else to look at or focus on. Your business page can build community and maintain their interest, keeping your brand relevant to their lives, leading to higher conversion rates.

Target Audience Research

Only interested users visit and return to your page. Knowing that you can use polls, videos, offers and more to figure out what makes them tick, to test and create the most compelling sales content.

SEO Powerhouse

Search engines index content that you post on your business page which makes it easier to find outside of the platform. Continuously posting new and compelling content makes your page easier to find, and more likely for customers to click.

Social Proof

Interested prospects will go with what the masses like. Use your business page to collect recommendations, referrals, and reviews to increase trust with potential new customers.

Educate your New Customers

Create a need for your product through your useful and relatable content. Users won’t buy from you if they don’t know how your product(s) or service(s) benefit them, this is the place to tell them in an easily accessible way.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can use the social media algorithms to your advantage and drive prospects to your website. Each small step they take bringing them deeper into your funnel makes it more likely that they’ll convert.

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