Users often think it was the last action they did that got them put in jail. The truth is that jail isn’t an on or off thing. Facebook has an alert monitor, and the more activities that users engage in that trigger the algorithm to think that it’s an attack on their system, the more likely you are to get put in jail. Many of the activities that business owners engage in on a regular basis look like attacks to an artificial intelligence. This article explains how to minimize the risk of Facebook Jail and what to do if you find yourself locked out of the platform.

Facebook is overhauling the algorithm constantly. These changes can often have a significant impact on the frequency of Facebook jail time. And sometimes the activities that you engage in to find a way around it just make it worse. At this point there’s no evidence to suggest that any 3rd party app is the reason for Facebook jail. Though there may appear to be a relationship, its likely due to the fact that when you have a 3rd party scheduler is when you’re more likely to schedule multiple posts using similar language all at once, or post to multiple pages, or post too many images in quick succession. It’s less about the technology and more about how you’re using it. 

List of Activities that influence your jail-o-meter:

Here are some of the things that will get you on Facebooks jail radar. Note that each of these brings you closer to being put into jail, and the longer you go without engaging in these activities, the more it will cool off.

  1. Sending the same message to contacts repeatedly
  2. Adding lots of new friends and cold messaging them about your business
  3. Sharing your sales streams to multiple groups
  4. Liking too many posts in quick succession
  5. Using the same text/photo repeatedly in posts (especially if it’s the same text as other people)
  6. Posting links in multiple chats, groups, pages, and posts.

Avoiding these behaviours in general is a good first step. But here are some extra steps you can take to help keep yourself out of jail.

Prevent Facebook Jail

Shake up your language: If you’ve been Copy + Pasting pre-written content for your albums, lives, or posts, now’s the time to start shaking that up. Repetitive use of the same content looks like streamlining to you, but to Facebook, it looks like spam. You don’t have to have brand new language for every post, but if you’ve been using the same language for months now, it might be time to shake it up.

Avoid using Stock Photography: When the same image is used multiple times on the platform (the way stock photos from your home office may be used), it triggers Facebook’s spam perimeter alert. Take some time to brand those images as your own

Sharing to Groups: If you frequently share your lives to multiple groups, remember that Facebook doesn’t know that these groups are meant for this purpose. It has no way of differentiating between the Social Strategy Squad and Direct Sales Links R’ Us (POST ALL YOUR LINKS HERE). For Facebook, sharing a live to multiple groups in quick succession will increase your alert status.

Commenting & Liking: Don’t go too fast when you like posts or comment on them. I’ve seen the speed with which many of you can write, it’s like super power levels of typing. But posting a lot of comments in quick succession, or liking a lot of posts very quickly can look like an attack on the platform. You don’t have to slow down too much, but keep in mind that the machine needs to think you’re human, not a machine!

What to do if you are put in Facebook Jail

If you do find yourself in Facebook jail, here are some things that may make it worse

  • Report it to Facebook if you think this was in error.  They won’t do anything about it. Since they are updating software, its a good best practice.
  • If some tools aren’t available to you there’s a reason. Don’t continue to try to post your live using different mechanisms.
  • Do head over to your personal profile, and make sure you’re active there (native posts to your personal feed 5-7x/week)
  • Do navigate to your newsfeed and engage with people outside of groups
  • Don’t keep trying to comment in groups. That’s usually the first tool to go.
  • Do post relatable and useful content on your business page to maintain it’s visibility

None of this is going to get you out of jail any faster. It will help you to establish your account as a contributing member of the Facebook community. This gives the algorithm more data to work with to help prevent future jailtime.

What you can do right now

  1. Lastly, here’s what you can do right now. This will help prevent you from running being completely locked out of your business on Facebook.
  2. Connect your business page and group.
  3. Add someone that you trust to be an administrator on your business page
  4. Add someone that you trust (can be the same person as above) to be an administrator in your group
  5. Close or delete all duplicate or backup Facebook accounts

If you’re ready to take control of your business back from Facebook you can read through this blog – which is full of information for growing your business the algorithmically responsible way. Or if you’re looking for a quick training to jumpstart other tactics, Michele Bradley announced her next 511 course – a bite sized training completed in 5 days, Designing Professional Printables. This is the first step in building an e-mail funnel to build and maintain a customer base.

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