Ep. 134 – Keep on Keeping. The Mindset of Business Success.

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On the show today, you’ll learn:

  • Have you ever had an idea for your business that didn’t pan out like you thought it would?
  • Learning to deal with ideas or failures that don’t work out in your business.
  • Do you say no to new opportunities because you’re afraid of what can happen?
  • It’s humbling to fail publicly, but keep pushing forward and it’s a learning lesson!
  • Changing your mindset to reward yourself for the action items, and not simply the end goal.
  • Changing direction in your business is NOT a failure, it’s okay to pivot and works best for you and your business.
  • Do you focus on why you think a certain way instead of focusing on changing your mindset? Learn our strategies for growing your business through experiments and mindset.

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About Friends in Our Phones!

Previously known as the Direct to Success Podcast, Minessa Konecky has joined with two forces in small business, direct sales, & mindset. Minessa Konecky is a social media business coach. She has trained and empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to be successful in their small businesses.

Michele Bradley of #BradleyBombs is an all-around brainstorming badass who brings her quick wit and deadpan delivery to inspire confidence and authenticity in solopreneurs.

Jenna Green of Full of Grit & Grace is a seasoned social media professional who inspires small  business owners to keep a positive attitude while remaining consistent and efficient in an ever-changing world.

The podcast will cover a variety of topics relevant to success direct sales, small business ownership. We also cover how to manage it all strategically while still enjoying life. Tune in if you’re looking for straightforward, business focused help, from a group of friends that take business seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

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