you don’t have to run your business alone

The Social Strategy Squad is OPEN for business! Yay! I know you have all been waiting a long time to get in, and I appreciate your patience! We are just about to get started on an 8-week journey on Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention! Guided training begins on 08/13, so be sure to get in before then so we can hit the ground running together.

Membership to the squad is $14.99 a month, or $164.89 for a full year (that’s one month free!).

You’ve started your small business! Now what?

There’s so much to do and think about, time management, business development, organization, its hard to even know where to start!
You’ve built your business page, tapped into your warm market & your not so warm market – and now, you’re struggling to find new customers and you feel like all you do all day is try to find new customers
You’re ready to spend less time on trying to figure out how to grow your business, and more time running it!
Let me tell you, I’ve been there. I’ve laughed and loved the highs, and cried through the lows, and I came out on the other side with a strong and successful business. And I’ve helped hundreds of solopreneurs do the same.

And you can too!


I specialize in helping small business owners leverage the power of Facebook to reach new, previously untapped markets for their products and/or services. 


DTS 114 – Jenna Green (Full of Grit & Grace)

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Why You Shouldn’t Start a New Group

Your group is dead. No one’s talking. You make a post, and it’s crickets. You know you are working your hardest, you’re doing all the things, but yet – nothing’s happening, and you aren’t sure why. This is the point where you ask yourself if maybe you just built your…

18 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Direct Sales Convention

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The 80/20 Rule in a Facebook Group

Have you ever been to one of those yard sale Facebook groups? The one’s where there’s 40 posts in a row all about selling? Everyone has an item they’re trying to push, everyone has a price. You go in and it’s just a wall of sales from top to bottom….



Join Minessa Konecky as each week she brings you relevant strategies for dealing with mindset issues as a small business owners, tips and tricks for increasing your engagement, and psychology of sales.


Come join our Business Strategy Group of over 20K entrepreneurs where we talk about all things business including leveraging Instagram, hashtag ideas, Facebook Ads, building community, Pinterest, and much much more!