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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I recently worked with Minessa for business coaching, especially getting over the anxiety of doing Facebook Lives. Understanding my anxiety, she helped me get over my "Facebook shell" and she not only provided tips and coaching, she came to my home to do a Facebook Live with me to get over my anxiety!! I look forward to continuing working with her in the future and highly recommend working with her!

    Francesca Montillo Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures
  • if you can get to any of the in person trainings with Minessa you will never regret it . I love her personal involvement she has with her group . The one on one is amazing . The of course the online tools are to die for . You ever feel pressured to buy her trainings right away you buy what you need as you need it and you always feel more than a number or like you are more than just a wallet .

    Whitney Gilbert The Pineapple Boutique
  • I am just about to finish her "Roadmap to Success Bootcamp" it has changed my life completely! My business has grown so much so quickly! My attitude towards my business and life in general is so positive... I feel amazing! Minessa has a way of teaching you that will make you rejuvenated and excited again about your business! I highly recommend investing the money in yourself and your business!

    Melinda Odegard LuLaRoe
  • Minessa is amazing! She is knowledgeable in some many aspects of running a small business. I have attended 2 of her trainings and not only do I feel welcome, I don't feel intimidated or fearful in asking a question. I have learned so much from her and the squad. I highly recommend joining the Squad! It's like a family! xo

    Beth Weiss Wolberg About the Fit

Does this sound like your business?

You’ve gone live constantly and still your viewership is low.

Your posts get some likes occasionally, but otherwise it’s like a tomb.

Your product is great, but you just can’t seem to make any traction on customer acquisition!

You know that getting your stuff in front of the right people is critical, but you’re not sure why what you’re doing isn’t working?

I remember feeling exactly the same way. I was disappointed, depressed, and frustrated. I was working all the time to make money, and I felt like I’d take one step forward and be over the moon, and then the Facebook algorithm would throw me two steps back. I felt like I was living on a roller coaster.

Then I realized, if Facebook was the problem, what if I figured Facebook out? It seemed like a tall order, but once I understood that cracking the Facebook code would be the first step towards making money instead of losing money, I was all in.

That’s probably how you found me. You want training to help you learn how to connect yourideas with what Facebook wants. I have a free tool that will show you what steps you can take on your Facebook page to help boost your visibility today.

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