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👋Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky, A business strategy expert committed to providing you with a plan to run a successful online business that doesn’t overwhelm you with “all of the things” all of the time.

What is staying stuck in the hustle actually costing you?

You’re on this page, so you already have an idea that what you’re doing isn’t sustainable. You’re looking for a better way, and you hope you’ll find it here. Your journey to a healthy, sustainable, and profitable business starts with a question: How is what you’re already doing negatively impacting your health, your life, and your profit?”

It’s information overload. There’s so much I need to know and no way to figure out what’s important. I’m exhausted trying to learn everything.” – Melissa C.

I’m paralyzed with all the options. I’ve tried every tool out there. Sometimes I feel like my real job is buying new software I never figure out. Such a waste of money.” – Jenna G.

“It’s never enough. Either I feel like a shitty mom or a shitty business owner. I don’t want to choose between my life and my business and I’m tired all the time.” – Tammy T.

Staying stuck is costing you a lot of money, time, and customers. Each day you feel like you’re falling further behind and less in control. And here’s why. You’re trying to do it all by yourself, and entrepreneurship is not a solo sport. You need someone who’s been there, done that, and will help you avoid losing money, time, and confidence.


You can jumpstart your online business today by signing up to work with me. In the meantime, you can start with step 1 now, by downloading 5 steps to #Hustleproof your business  and get going. So you can stop losing money and missing out on important family moments and make the dream of freedom that you had when you first started your business a reality.
 reimagine  your business

You want the business you dreamed of and planned for when you first started. Exciting. Fun. Profitable. It makes you money and gives you the freedom to clock out. To do that, you need a reliable system to find and convert new customers so you aren’t doing all the things, all the time.

But where should you start? When you listen to what everyone says, it sounds like you need emails, chatbots, Facebook, funnels, websites, blogs, and 100 other tools, or you’re toast. It feels like everything needs to get done now. Everything’s a priority. And you’re falling further and further behind just trying to figure shit out.

What you need is a ready made step-by-step process that lets you run a profitable business without it taking over your life. Because you don’t have time to become a business expert and also run your business. So don’t! Instead, you can join thousands of women who have used my system to amplify their social media reach and engagement, create more free time, and ultimately increase profits.

Eliminate Your Pacifiers

Identify and remove the bad business habits that cost you time and money

Lay a trail of breadcrumbs
Implement a breadcrumb strategy to bring customers straight to your door
AUtomate to freedom

Then it’s time to clock out and let systems to do the hustling FOR you

You don’t have to wait to feel like these women!

Celina P.
The Habit Dr.

What we’re learning in the Squad about ourselves and our business is Ahhhmazing‼️ I’ve spent 10k+ and more than a year’s time on business and marketing coaching and have learned more in the last 3 weeks then all that combined. Minessa Konecky is the real deal. The 💣diggity

Lauren B.

I love how transparent and real Minessa is! Instead of pushing away problems or challenges we face, she gets right in them with you and helps you understand how to overcome the roadblocks and mental mindset to get where you want to go. Her trainings are informative, fun, and leave clear action steps for what to do next.

Jessica C
Jessica C.

Minessa makes doing business on a temperamental social media platform more tolerable. Her real and honest outlook on how to stay consistent, build a community, and not overwork yourself has changed the way I structure my day and approach my online presence. Because of her guidance, I’m now confident in my ability to plan and implement an effective business strategy.

Jennifer H.
Living Lippy

If I could hire Minessa to run my entire life I TOTALLY would. But since that’s not possible I did the next best thing and signed up for her programs and it’s been an amazing journey. She tells you how to do things every step of the way in a language that makes sense…and you have fun and laugh while doing it.

Cande C.
Simply Mae's Boutique

I’ve personally sought trainings and spent a lot of money in a 6 year time span. No one has made it as easy to learn and implement as Minessa and the Social Strategy Squad. If you’re ready to make your business work for you and define your success, join the squad, dude. 😁

Brianna B.

Minessa and her team are amazing! She is definitely “my people” but more importantly she knows her stuff! I had a 30 minute 1 on 1 with her my engagement jumped by 25%. Imagine if I could implement all of her techniques!!! I am forever grateful that I found Direct to Success!

Social Strategy Squad
Premium Coaching Group
per month
$1,500/month Value
Weekly Small Group Coaching (Zoom)
Personalized Business Page Reviews
23+ Business Specific Trainings
Daily mindset and accountability
Find your Ideal Client (Finally!)
Squad Plus
per month
$2,500/month Value
Weekly Small Group Coaching (Zoom)
Personalized Business Page Reviews
23+ Business Specific Trainings
Daily mindset and accountability
Find your Ideal Client (Finally!)
7 Additional Courses
Including: Facebook Ads Without Tears
Renovate Your Biz
Partnership Program
Total Cost
$10,000 Value
Facebook Business Page Setup
1:1 Personalized Coaching
Step by Step Business Guide
Complete Marketing Plan
Start to Finish Sales Funnel
Priceless: Coach on Call
Designed for the entrepreneur on fire who knows that to take your business to the next level fast, you need a coach. I’ll partner with you through the marketing process from start to finish. This 6-month accelerated program ends with a complete customer acquisition funnel. From start to finish you’ll lay a clear trail of breadcrumbs that attracts more customers and ignites their desire for your product so you can make more money ASAP.
Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport, so why do it alone? Join a community of women dedicated to hitting their goals on their own timeline. If you’re done with FOMO, doing all the things, and throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, the squad is for you. Design your marketing funnel from the ground up, focusing on the tools that do something for your business, instead of just giving you something to do.




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