Hey! I’m Minessa Konecky! – business strategist, mindfulness coach, and your social media therapist!

Cause when you’re running your own online business – you kinda need one!

You’re here because you’re tired of working on your business day in and day out and seeing little to no results. Every time you turn around, someone’s telling you what you can do to increase engagement or find more customers.
Everyone has their own opinion about what works – but no one can tell you why it works. Or worse – no one can tell you why their ideas aren’t working for you.
Don’t worry, I got you.
I’ve been managing small businesses of some form or another for 20 years, and I’ve got your back.

clients saying nice things!

Jessica Lachney
The Cottage Boutique

Minessa is always thinking outside of herself and has the uncanny ability to answer questions before they are asked. She leads by example in the areas of servant leadership, mindset, and how to take what life gives you and make something amazing out of it. She is always one I turn to when I need to think outside my own box and can articulate things in a way that is both sensible and sensitive. Everything she does, she does with the mindset of making something better for someone. I know without a doubt I would not be the small business owner I am today without her help, guidance, and leadership.

Alicia Whitehill
Moonstone Lotus

Minessa has been an integral part of the growth and stabilization of my small business. Her mentorship and wisdom has provided me not only with the tools I need for success, but the confidence as well.

Jessica Hylton
LuLaRoe Jessie Hylton
Having a small business is nothing short of a serious roller coaster. The highs and lows are constantly there. That being said so is Minessa. I have thought several times of quitting and then I will read a post, watch a video or listen to one of Minessa’s intent videos in the Squad and stick it out another day. Her insight is amazing and she is genuine as she helps you figure things out. I would highly recommend signing up for any of her trainings. You will not be disappointed.
Brandi Dohm
Lularoe B and B Boutique, LLC
Minessa is brilliant! There are not enough characters for me to describe how much I have grown both personally and professionally because of her. My only advice is if you are not following Minessa, you should be, like NOW!

Here’s the thing….

Sometimes you feel like maybe you aren’t cut out for this. It’s tough and you’re tired of being tired.

but let me share something with you….

You’ve already got what it takes. Because you went into business for yourself and that’s really scary!

The problem is that social selling is a relatively new ballgame, and the techniques that used to work to secure new leads for retail business owner aren’t working as well as they used to.

When leads dry up, sales start to stall, and that’s when you double down and try to sell more and work harder but you see even less return.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. I’m throwing the entire concept of chasing customers out the window, and you’re going to start fresh with a brand-new philosophy, with me as your guide and cheerleader every step of the way.

For reals. That’s my mission, that’s why I started this business. So I could help other women find success in theirs.

clients saying nice things!

Emily Deutschman
Curly Girl Boutique
Minessa’s trainings are fabulous about giving practical hands-on advice. Between her Social Strategy Squad and the individual MDS trainings, I feel like I’m getting tools that I can apply on the day-to-day nitty gritty of my business. Her business financial analysis tool and business planning documents are worth the price of a year membership to the Social Strategy Squad alone! She also has an amazing way of understanding and motivating the small business owner. All of my personal interactions with her have left me with a flood of ideas and a concrete ways to take the future of my business. I love that she takes the time for weekly office hours for small group questions and coaching.
Lorraine Gaitan-Martinez
Since joining Minessa’s premium coaching group and taking her courses, I have learned so much! I have heard a lot of it before but she breaks it down to easy to understand language! I am learning how to put into place systems that I previously thought were only for “successful” entrepreneurs. I believe that everyone, no matter where you are in your business, can benefit from what Direct to Success teaches!
Whitney Gilbert
Hello Pink
Independent Stylist

If you can get to any of the in person trainings with Minessa you will never regret it . I love her personal involvement she has with her group . The one on one is amazing . The of course the online tools are to die for . You ever feel pressured to buy her trainings right away you buy what you need as you need it and you always feel more than a number or like you are more than just a wallet

My Programs

Social Strategy Squad
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